Journey To 15th Dimension With The Archangels for Crystalline Light Body Activations

Join me and The Five Archangels AA Michael, AA Raphael, AA Gabriel, AA Uriel and AA Metatron and journey with us to the 15th Dimension for light body activations, downloads and blessings from the Crystalline Angel. Bathe in the Rainbow Light and receive your individual messages and activation of your crystalline light body.

We will travel up on the wings of the five Archangels to receive our activations. As our light body is activated with crystalline light ... we receive our codes and downloads, alignment with our soul path and blueprint, and activating deeper memories to the work we have chosen to do here in this lifetime.

We are in a great time of transition, and we are all being called to take up our positions and serve the light. 

Please drink plenty of water leading up to this session as we will be going incredibly high. One can feel quite dehydrated after this session unless you have drank plenty of water beforehand.

Journey Time : 65 mins Skype Price : £222