Energy Transmission - 11th Dimension MP3 Download


Energy Transmission - 11th Dimension MP3 Download


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  1. Journey to the 11th Dimension with the Arcturians (60 mins)

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11th Dimension

Journey To The 11th Dimension With The Arcturians

The Arcturians are incredible unconditionally loving higher beings who have transcended illness and dis-ease in the body and live in the higher vibrations in the 5th, 9th and 11th Dimensions in a space of love, peace and unity consciousness. The Arcturians are at the forefront of technological advancements and wish to help us move beyond illness and dis-ease.

The Arcturians are frequency beings who work with sound and light, they teach us that all fear and suffering must be transformed to love and light. In 2015 they contacted me and asked me to visit their dimensions and downloaded powerful healing modalities to me. They asked me to start bringing people up to the 11th Dimension to receive healing in their powerful and incredible Healing Cubicles of Advanced Light Technology using different fractals of coloured light coding to release compressed trauma and emotional imprints in the mind, body and electromagnetic field. Depending on what is held in the clients field, the correct frequency of coloured light is used to penetrate and release the blocked energy, trauma, suppressed emotion and dis-ease in the body. A very powerful and incredibly healing journey releasing lifetimes of trauma, ancestral programming and limiting belief patterns.

Our wish is for all to receive the healing and assist humanity in moving to higher frequencies of love, light and joy. The Arcturians invite us at this time of our transition to travel up to receive healing in their powerful cubicles of advanced light technology.

In this transmission through deep guided meditation and visualisation we will be travelling to the 11th Dimension with The Arcturians. We will enter a portal through a cave where we will be teleported up to the 11th Dimension. A truly magical and blessed journey.

Client Testimonials:

“I found this to be an extraordinary and very deep meditation, into which I felt myself sinking. The light of the temple enveloped me, and I was transported to another dimension in which Archangel Michael started to communicate with me. I was told that I am guarded, guided and protected, and that my current physical ailments would only leave my body when I had fully learned my lessons that were sent to teach me.The following day (Saturday) I felt absolutely shattered, but the congested tissue in the Lump in my breast has started to degranulate, and heal. I thank all those who were involved and participating in my healing from the bottom of my heart” xxx Val

“I had a wonderful healing journey - lots going on! I saw the cave with blue light and welcoming up to 11th very clearly. When relaxed in my pod, water flooded in although I could still breath. I felt very heavy and full of vibration throughout - my arms felt too heavy to lift up! I could see an opening ahead of me changing colour from violet to dark blue. I felt energy moving through my throat chakra, lots going on around my sacral chakra. Lots of beams and fractals of golden light. Thick beam with blocks of rainbow colours flashed over me. I watched my feet change as if they were bubbling and releasing toxic stuff. There was a sudden power surge of energy - signalling a full blown reset. I immediately felt lighter - it went dark then I was bathed in golden light. Absolutely lovely - although I felt wiped out the following day. I felt much clearing of heavy dense energy. Thank you so much.” Liz xxx


My friend Terrence (remote healing) asked me to convey his deep felt thanks and to describe his experience. Yesterday at 8pm he went into his "quiet room" to receive the healing. He set his alarm clock for 9pm. When he "reemerged" it was 10:15pm, the alarm had been switched off, not by him, and he saw a bright light coming out of his chest (location of his pain for quite some time). He is not sure where he went, nor who switched off the alarm. He feels a lot better today.