Energy Transmission - 9th Dimension MP3 Download


Energy Transmission - 9th Dimension MP3 Download


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  1. Journey to the 9th Dimension with the Arcturians (55 mins)

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Journey to the 9th Dimension with the Arcturians

The Arcturians are incredible loving beings who have transcended illness and dis-ease in the body and live in the higher vibrations of the 5th, 9th and 11th Dimensions in a space of love, peace and unity consciousness. The Arcturians are at the forefront of technological advancements and wish to help us move beyond illness and dis-ease and beyond fear and suffering at this time.

The Arcturians teach us that all fear and suffering must be transformed to love and light. In 2015 they made contact and asked me to visit their dimension and downloaded a powerful healing modality to me. They asked me to start bringing people up to the 9th Dimension to receive healing in their powerful and incredible Healing Chambers of Unconditional Love and Alchemy.

Our wish is for all to receive the healing and assist humanity in moving to higher frequencies of love, light and joy.

In this transmission, through deep guided meditation and visualisation we will journey together to the 9th dimension with The Arcturians to receive their beautiful healing in order to regenerate and reactivate our cellular structures and our DNA, releasing lifetimes of trauma, stuck energy and clearing out old emotional imprints that no longer serve our truth and our journey.

As we bathe in the healing chambers of light and love, we will start to release the compressed emotions that become locked into our spine, so that we can start to awaken to our truth and divine soul essence. This is a very powerful healing journey.

Client Testimonials:

“I had a lump on the side of my neck for 20 years which was regularly monitored by doctors. After one transmission with Neelam, the lump miraculously disappeared leaving my doctors completely baffled. I am so grateful for this amazing work. Thank you so much”. Jane.

“Beautiful transmission Neelam - I am so grateful to you and the Arcturians. Felt the vibration rising all over my body then intensely when you called in Mother Gaia - delicious! Electric blue and golden light radiated through my body and out of my toes. After lying down in the healing chamber the Arcturians filled my incubator with water - I felt like I was floating and every cell was absorbing the healing blue water. I sensed shards of light and almost crystal like semi solid light suspended in time moving above the length of my body, so many wonderful sensations of love, warm cheeks, felt some fiddling then release from my solar plexus… kept seeing two black circles - thought they were eyes but later realised they were my ovaries! They massaged my sacral chakra, worked on my ovaries, unblocked things - it felt a bit uncomfortable but only briefly, one of them played with my hair whilst massaging my head, one gave me a love hug before I stepped into the lift to descend… just lovely...can we go back please.”

THANK YOU - you are so gifted and chosen. L xxxxx