Healing Meditations - CD & Booklet

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Healing Meditations - CD & Booklet


Track Listing

  1. Unconditional Love (4.48mins)

  2. Chakra Chakra Meditation Journey (15.15mins)

  3. Connecting With Our Heart and Higher Self (6.53mins)

  4. Organ Healing Meditation (17.30mins)

  5. Prayer and Invocation (6.17mins)

  6. Manifestation and Abundance Meditation (13.44mins)

  7. The Goddess Comes To Visit - The Rise of the Feminine Heart (8.15mins)




I am so pleased to share my new healing meditation album 'Love Heals' with you. A divine creation from the heavens, and an absolute honour to create. Many who have listened to the album have experienced visions and felt the presence of Lord Krishna coming through as the flute is played on the album, Ma Kali, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Isis, Buddha, Jesus.. many Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, Divine Feminine Goddesses and Star Collectives who have all worked with me and have been channelled into every meditation on this album to bring healing, balance, flow, abundance, inner peace and love through to all who listen. The energy of the 5th Dimension.

My primary role here on Earth is to anchor the energies of the new consciousness and 5th dimensional light, assisting others across the bridge to a new way of being, living and experiencing our reality. Living in unity consciousness and love. A beautiful new reality that is available for us to experience in our lives.

When I was guided to create this album, the words just started to flow through me, each word so beautiful, full of wisdom and higher vibrational energy, golden nuggets of information from Source as to how we can live in a higher vibration. We are moving through a new threshold on our planet, and we can experience 5th dimensional reality in our every day lives with our perception, our perspective and way of being.

This album anchors the higher frequencies into our energy field, activates the heart, invokes our guides to assist us and connects us to the energy of abundance and manifestation whilst healing and clearing the organs and chakras ... 7 very important meditations that will assist you in living in a more balanced space.

As an Alchemist, sound is very important to me. I work with sound, light, and many alchemy tools on this album. Using a blend of different frequencies of sound, I work on the many layers of the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body and the energy body. Using the hauntingly stunning, heart opening and mesmerising sound of the Indian Flute, to the pitter patter of the Tabla Drum, to deeply relaxing Chimes and Koshi Bells, the beautiful energising sounds of the ocean waves, every sound tantalising and touching the different senses in the body, whilst taking you on a deep meditation journey with my voice and energy healing.

What people are saying about the album

Neelam words cannot describe how beautiful your meditation album is. Absolutely love it. Didn’t want it to end. S.P

Wow!! Blown away, your voice is incredible Neelam… I couldn’t hold back my tears, so deeply healing. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Paula

For the first time in my life I actually saw my higher self whilst I listened to the album - She was a blue avatar. It brought tears to my eyes. I love your meditations. I love the album - It’s very special and your meditations have helped me beyond words. RM

My four year old son comes running to listen to your album with me. He said he loves it. It makes his heart feel warm. It brings me peace and joy. Thank you Neelam. Whenever I feel lost, your voice soothes my soul. SR

What people say about Neelam's Meditations and Voice

"You have such a beautiful voice. If I were to imagine an Angel’s voice, it would sound like this" Anthony

"Your Meditations got me through my darkest days and gave me hope" David

"Your voice is so calming, it soothes my soul" Angie

"When I am stressed your voice brings me back to my centre" Kate

"Last year I experienced panic attacks and hearing Neelam’s voice was the only thing that calmed me down"  Becky

"We fall asleep to your voice every night" Alison

"Neelam's Meditations are so nourishing for my soul and connect me to a very deep part within me" Liz

”Your meditations are so nourishing .... it feels like we are all looked after in Gods hands through you.” Asta