My husband and I are very happy to be supporting an incredible charity which supports women and children who have had to flee from their homes sometimes overnight from domestic violence and abuse often leaving all their belongings behind, full of fear and desperate for shelter and safety for their children and themselves. Our work and mission is to empower women to see themselves with love and to teach them ways to value themselves so that they do not continue to attract abusive relationships, as well as awakening men to support women and not undermine them, to see their beauty and to create a world of harmony and balance where men and women can stand side by side as equals. This is our vision and one we fully commit to and wish to see in our world.

Solace Women’s Aid is an independent charity working across London, providing life-saving support to more than 11,000 women and children survivors of domestic and sexual violence a year.

Solace Women’s Aid’s vision is of a world where women and children live their lives free from domestic and sexual abuse.



Solace Women’s Aid exists to bring to an end the harm done through domestic and sexual violence to all survivors and in particular women and children. Their work is holistic and empowering, working alongside survivors to achieve independent lives free from abuse.