My Group Sessions are held in Central London, and we run a variety of events, meditations and high energy workshops.  I would love you to come and join one of our beautiful events of unconditional love and experience the connection to the higher realms for a journey of spiritual awakening and healing.

We host a variety of:

   * Energy Transmissions

   * Focused Intention Meditations 

   * Workshops and Retreats

We love to create a beautiful community of heart centred souls who are on a personal journey of transformation and want to connect with other like minded beings. 

When we commit to healing ourselves through energy work, we are also healing the planet. By raising our vibration, we are also raising the vibration of the planet. It all starts with us. We are never alone on this journey. There is so much support all around us when we seek and we would be honoured to support you on your personal journey. This community is for all, those who are just starting their journey of awakening, to LightWorkers who want to tap into their gifts and full potential. We welcome you.

Joining the Group Meet up:

By joining the meet up on the link below, you will receive my monthly newsletters on Energy and Planetary Movements and the effects this can have on our emotions and life. You will also receive free Meditations and Transmissions as I record them. People usually find the emails very comforting and reassuring as it helps them make sense of whatever is happening in their lives at that moment in time. I usually feel a huge wave of energy move through my whole body and immediately feel the urge to write. These emails come from a higher place as I tap into the universal intelligence and quantum field to bring through the latest information and guidance to share with you all.


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