Having worked as a Chartered Accountant, CFO and Director in the corporate world for many years for large blue chip companies such as IBM and EXXON. Leading senior management teams was not only highly pressurised but also extremely stressful. Often working very long hours to produce results in time for our American counterparts.

Stress is by far one of the biggest dis-eases of our 21st Century. Our lives are so fast paced and busy that we are constantly running with full diaries and agendas that create stress in our lives. Stress causes so much damage in our body, our organs and our minds. Stress also ages us and we can very often turn to alcohol, comfort food, caffeine, cigarettes etc to numb the anxiety, the overwhelm and stress response in our body. It has such a huge impact on our lives both internally and externally. It is so important that we have a healthy relaxed mind and body so that we can maximise our full potential in all aspects of our lives. 

I completely understand the pressures staff and managers are under as I have been there myself, I experienced stress in my body as we worked under constant intense deadlines which lead to migraines and IBS. It all stopped when I started meditating.

I feel deeply called to teach corporates about meditation and how we can reduce stress in the workplace, and instead redirect that energy to help individuals and groups access their true creative potential and abilities through guided meditation and mindfulness sessions.

Unlocking our creativity is the key to our success. Having a balanced mind and body is essential for optimum performance at work.

If I had the tools I have today at my disposal, my experience at work would have been very different. I now work from the other side as understanding our true potential through meditation and calming the mind has absolutely transformed my life and it is my mission to help others use meditation and mindfulness as a tool to help theirs too.

It is so good to see so many companies now incorporating these powerful tools in the workplace. A happy and calm work force leads to higher productivity in the workplace. It is that simple. A great investment in the company and its employees.

Preparation for a Morning Mindfulness Meditation Session at Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Preparation for a Morning Mindfulness Meditation Session at Lucozade Ribena Suntory