Inner Child Healing - Breathwork, Meditation, Healing

The most important years of a child’s life are from the age of 0 to 7. These are the foundation years and the building blocks for the rest of our lives. If we experienced any kind of trauma or emotional disruption during our younger years, it can affect us deeply throughout our lives until we allow the space to go deeper and reconnect with our wounded inner child.

When our inner child is bathed with unconditional love, patience, compassion he/she opens like a lotus flower and we can begin the journey of releasing the pain. Until we peel away the layers of trauma that have kept us in fear, insecurity, feeling rejected, lonely and abandoned throughout life, we seek validation externally and look for others to nurture and ‘fill’ our cup of love. As we heal from within, we fill our own cup and allow the suppressed emotions to rise and be released in a held space of love. As we do this we build solid foundations, embracing our self worth and self acceptance.

Using Breath Work, Deep Meditation and a Transmission of Unconditional Love, we work with healing the Inner Child. A very powerful journey allowing deep wounding to rise to the surface and be released through the breath.

With my ability to see the inner child, I am able to intuitively know what he/she needs for healing those wounds.

As we free our wounded inner child, we empower and liberate our soul from the past and move forward with confidence and love within.

Session time 60 minutes via Skype.

Price : £150