Lemurian Crystal Healing Temples and Light Body Activation

Underneath the majestic mountain of Mount Shasta lies the city of Telos. Many souls have a deep connection to Lemuria - ‘The Crystal City’ where many Lemurians are still living beneath the mountain and using their higher 5th/6th dimensional gifts. Beautiful pools of pure crystalline water, and crystal beds for healing and activation. Just by being in this high frequency space, the soul receives information, channelled guidance, activation and reconnection of their higher powers and gifts. Many have started singing light language after this transmission - just so beautiful.

Our Lemurian brothers and sisters are so incredibly loving and nurturing and this space is deeply healing. Remembering that we are not forgotten or alone. They make their presence and love felt deep in our hearts and souls and remind us that we are one.

We live in such a powerful time on Earth where the vibration is high enough to reconnect with the ancient and sacred knowledge of our soul as we reawaken and remember why we came to Earth.

In this session, I will transport you to the city of Telos through the heart chakra to receive healing in the crystal beds of light, to activate and reconnect you with the ancient knowledge and information that lies within your cellular memories. Information will be channelled throughout the session.

The Lemurians say that the time is now, and when your soul is ready, you will be divinely guided to this transmission.

If you have found yourself here, and feel a strong connection, we welcome you back dear brothers and sisters of the light. Your time has come to receive more.

Session Time : 60 minutes - £180