Channelled Guided Meditations

There are countless scientific proven benefits to daily meditation and how by relaxing the mind even for 15 to 20 minutes daily we can create peace in the body and mind by slowing down our heart rate, reducing anxiety, stress and overwhelm of our fast paced lives. 

Stress is one of the major factors that can cause so much damage to our mind and body and can have a huge impact on our lives. It is so important to have a healthy relaxed mind and body so that we can maximise our full potential in all aspects of our lives. 

If we as human beings understood just how powerful and creative we are... it would blow our minds! If we understood that we have access to the infinite intelligence of the universe and an abundance of creativity, joy and fulfilment, but we have become trapped in the confines of our conscious mind which is fear based, limiting and sabotaging; we would become limitless creators of our own reality. The conscious mind tells us that we are not good enough, that we cannot achieve, that we will never be successful, that we will never be happy and fulfilled, and so that is what we end up believing and we never allow ourselves to achieve and live up to our full potential. Meditation calms the internal chatter of our conscious mind and enables us to tap into our subconscious mind which is limitless.


I run Channelled Guided Meditations connecting to our higher selves and working with the universal light through our chakra pillar. This is an incredibly powerful way to download intuitive knowledge and guidance from our Higher Selves, and to also heal our bodies and connect you to the very depths of your being.

Our higher self is a part of us that is always connected to Source. It is filled with love, compassion, wisdom and peace. Our higher self holds no judgement or fear. It is within us, in our purest form of light.

When we connect to our higher selves, we connect to Source energy and the unconditional love and wisdom of the Universe. Through guided meditation I hold the space for you to receive your messages and connect to your deeper truths, accessing your creative ideas and inner guidance that will help lead you to the next step on your path. I use visualisation, voice, sound and take you on a journey of deep meditation, relaxation and connection. A very beautiful and blissful experience for all. 

Benefits of Daily Meditation:

Relaxes the Mind

Improves Health

Removes Stress

Neutralises Mood Swings

Balances Hormones

Relieves Depression

Builds Inner Strength

Enhances Creativity

One feels more Positive

Feel Self Fulfilled

Builds Self Confidence

Greater Self-Esteem

Increases Perception & Awareness

Peace of Mind

Unfoldment of Heart

Leads to Greater Happiness