September 2019 Full Moon and Autumn Equinox


Friday 13th September

In the early hours we had a beautiful Full Moon,

How amazing that the September Harvest Moon falls on Friday 13th!! Friday was actually named after the Goddess Freyja. She is the goddess of fertility, celebration, and passion. Freyja is depicted as riding on her chariot pulled by wild cats across the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth.

She reminds us to unleash our adventurous side at this time and take risks and be daring. She says that playing it safe and staying in our comfort zone is not the energy of now... the time now is to step out into the unknown and listen to our hearts desire and passion. Be daring, be bold and say YES to life and new adventures and new experiences.

As the full moon falls on such a powerful day it is a double dose of divine feminine energy asking us to tune into our intuition, connect with our heart and soul and step forward with grace and gratitude for life's magic. Co-creating with the higher realms to truly open our hearts to a magical and joyous life.

She says that success comes not from timidity but from committing ourselves fully to realising our dreams. Deep in our soul we know what we are here for, so by connecting with our higher self, our higher power, purpose and heart, we can start to listen for guidance and answers.

We are moving into unknown territory so navigating our lives one step at a time, but remembering to enjoy the journey and new experiences. Life is meant to be joyful, and stepping out of our comfort zone can bring up our fears and insecurities, but the message is to keep stepping forward, take a risk, dare to dream and try something new and truly manifest your dreams into reality.

September is harvest month so reaping the rewards for all our hard work and efforts in the past. I remember last year on the Autumn Equinox I was running an evening meditation event in London and just as I was packing the car to leave at 17:22 a delivery van arrived at my door with my first meditation album 'Love Heals'. Seeing the printed CD's brought me so much joy. I was so deeply grateful to the universe for such synchronicity and magic as I wasn't expecting them for another week to 10 days!

So embrace the energies of September, the energy is action orientated with focused intention and forward movement. The energies were very intense in August and there was huge purging taking place and releasing of old energy and karmic contracts. This energy lingered into early September, but today I am really feeling a shift in the air for the better. ❤️

The Importance of Our Chakra System - 7 Wheels of Life


I remember when I first started healing and energy work, I woke up from a dream one night saying out loud ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHAKRAS!!!!’

I remember my whole body vibrating as if I had discovered a truth so deep in my being that rang absolutely true for me, reconnecting me with memories of work I may have done in other lifetimes. I absolutely believe in every cell of my body that the chakras must be balanced and flowing with energy in order for our body and our life to be flowing and functioning at optimal performance. I have seen so much dis-ease and stagnation in the energy field from blocked chakras, that it is so absolutely crucial for us as humans to know the importance of them.

We take our car for its annual service, the oil gets cleaned and changed and whatever else that needs upgrading, … but we forget to clean out the build up of emotions and stagnant energy around our chakras that clogs them up and stops them turning. The wheels of energy must rotate in order for energy (our life force) to run through them smoothly.

Below I have listed from my own personal experiences what I have seen from working with the chakra system.

Don’t leave it till you have a physical condition. Look after your chakra system and your chakra system will look after you.

 ROOT CHAKRA (LAM) - I am Safe and Secure and Grounded


When this chakra is in balance we feel grounded, rooted, safe and secure both financially and in our home life. Our basic needs are met and we have little fear about security. We trust that our needs will always be met and life flows with ease.

When this chakra is out of balance one may experience financial fears and insecurities, not feeling stable on the home front, feeling a fear of lack. This is the 1st Chakra and must be secure in order for the other chakras to flow. It is like building a house with 7 floors ... if the foundations are unstable the whole house can collapse, so the root chakra is very important to balance.

 Many souls carry deep trauma of insecurity and instability in their root. They may struggle all their lives and never quite understand where this deep fear of lack comes from. Past Life and childhood trauma can deeply affect our ability to feel secure and we must go back to the root of the issues and clear them up so that we can finally be free of these deeply engrained patterns and belief programs that dictate our lives.
Traumas often present themselves in the lower pelvis and groin area. Family wounds are stored here. Areas affected include the coccyx, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, legs, feet and bones. Issues with the Prostate, irritable bowel syndrome, poor sex drive, poor immune system, colitis, Crohn's etc. The physical body is the last place for the trauma to show up.

 As we release the traumas and emotions held in the Root, we start to feel more secure, safe and grounded. Trusting in the flow of life, and believing in financial abundance. Knowing within that our needs will always be met.


SACRAL CHAKRA (VAM) - I am a creative expression of Source


 The sacral chakra is such a powerful energy centre, it is the seat of all creativity, it is our desire, our passion, our imagination. It is here that life is created.

When one has an over abundance of this energy, if not understood and channelled, it can lead to sex addictions, affaires, sexual abuse, drug addictions. The list goes on. When blocked or closed off, there is little or no sexual desire or joy in life. An inability to dream or create, or be passionate. It can lead to feelings of stagnation.

Sexual energy when channelled has the ability to take a person from mediocrity to genius, allowing one to tap into their sixth sense and breaking down of all human limitations. Expressing from the soul and truly accessing the infinite universal energy and source of creation.

Many souls carry deep trauma of sexual or physical abuse, violation and suppression in their Sacral Chakra. Lifetimes where women were banished, abused, violated and victimised. We carry shame and guilt here. Men too hold much trauma here trying to be the protectors of the women and also being subjected to torture, abuse, and carrying deep guilt and feelings of letting someone down or not being good enough, but never really knowing why. In previous lifetimes we have been both men and women, and so these trauma's continue to affect our lives and our behaviours to this day.

Trauma's often present themselves in the lower abdomen as physical conditions such as lower back pain, issues with the liver, ovaries, fibroids, prostate, fertility issues etc. The body tries to give us a warning sign that energy is blocked here, that trauma and emotion is trapped here...look at it and release it. Our body is so intelligent, but we very often ignore the warning signs and take medication to suppress the pain. Physical pain very often disappears once the trauma is released.

As we release the traumas and emotions held in the Sacral, we start to remember our multi-dimensional gifts, access our creativity, our passions and manifest what we truly desire in this lifetime... helping us heal our relationships, issues with trust, intimacy, connection and also physical conditions.


SOLAR PLEXUS (RAM) - I take back my power


 The Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the middle of our stomach and is responsible for our personal power, our confidence, issues of self-love, self worth, self respect and our identity.

When this chakra is in balance we feel confident, loving of ourselves, accepting of ourselves and knowing that we deserve. We hold our own power with grace, we trust our gut instincts and we go forward in life with confidence and self-assurance, knowing our true identity and worth.

When this chakra is out of balance we experience a lack of self-love, low self- esteem, and low self worth. Constantly criticising, judging ourselves and others, and creating unhealthy boundaries in relationships by giving away our power to others. This is the 3rd Chakra.

When there are blockages in the Solar Plexus, they can manifest in the physical body in the form of Poor digestion, Diabetes, Weight issues, Problems with the Kidneys, Liver or Pancreas, Adrenals, Nausea, Acidity, Anger issues, Anxiety, etc.

As we release the traumas and emotions held in the Solar Plexus, we start to feel more confident, loving and accepting of ourselves, our work, and our abilities. We are able to express ourselves in a powerful way, knowing that we have the freedom to choose and direct our lives in our own way. We hold that power within ourselves.


HEART CHAKRA (YAM) - I am loved and lovable

When this Chakra is in balance, we feel full of love, compassion and peace. Life flows with ease, we are surrounded by loving relationships and there is a sense of inner joy at being present and feeling connected to all things great and small, feeling connected to the language of the universe and the flow of life. We feel good about ourselves, our friendships and can love openly without fear.

When this chakra is out of balance, we feel alone, isolated, afraid to open our hearts to love as we have been hurt before. We create walls to protect ourselves as we feel vulnerable under the surface and so we do not allow and trust in the warmth of love. We focus on the lack of love and fear of rejection rather than the abundance of love and we feel sorry for ourselves. We carry deep sadness in our hearts from the past.

When there are blockages in our heart chakra, one may suffer from heart conditions, lung problems, lung cancer, sadness, asthma, breast cancer, circulation problems, blood pressure, upper back problems. Any condition arising in the upper chest.

As we start to heal our heart and release the sadness, life takes on a whole new meaning, and we start to experience the true beauty of abundance, warmth and colour in our lives.

The heart is our truth, the heart is our connection to our soul, to our authentic selves, and to the light.


THROAT CHAKRA – EXPRESSION (HUM) - I express my truth with love


The throat chakra is located in our throat and is responsible for ones freedom of expression and speaking ones truth on this earthly journey.

When this chakra is in balance we are able to express our inner feelings openly, we are able to say what we really feel without fear of judgement or criticism, or the need to suppress our truth.

When this chakra is out of balance one may experience deep suppression of their inner voice and truth. Not able to express how they truly feel and swallowing their emotions instead. This is the 5th Chakra and is so important to have open. How can we express what we want if our throat chakra is closed...

Many souls carry deep trauma from past lives and childhood where their voices were suppressed, where they were silenced or wounded and banished. I see clients every day with closed throat chakras, and how they lose their power to express their truth. I have seen in sessions how a soul may have been wounded in battle, or had their throat slashed in a previous lifetime ... this memory and trauma is still stored in the throat and affects their voice to this day. They are unable to express what they truly desire and suppress their own dreams for the sake of others...We are here to experience freedom, joy, truth and expression.... I wish for every soul to be able to express their needs, their truth and their desires without fear. Once the healing takes place and the lesson is learnt, many beautiful doors open up for them and they can then open up and express their truth.

My clients often tell me that they have the urge to voice their opinions and that they can no longer hold back their truth. We all deserve to express our truth, and it is about taking back your power. If you cannot express your truth, you have to ask yourselves "why do I have to hide who I truly am" ... Expressing our truth can be done in a gentle and loving way, it does not have to result in conflict.

When the throat chakra is blocked, it can manifest itself in the physical body as neck issues, gum disease and pain in the teeth, grinding of the teeth, throat cancer, thyroid issues (I have noticed that many Asian women suffer from this), throat ulcers, sore throats, laryngitis etc.


THIRD EYE – INTUITION (OM) - I tap into my intuition and sixth sense


The third eye is located in between our eyebrows and is responsible for our intuition, our sixth sense and being able to see beyond the day-to-day physical world and into other dimensions and realities. The third eye is part of our energetic body, which has been with us since the birth of our physical body... it is our inner knowing, it helps us see beyond the illusion.

When this chakra is in balance we are able to use our intuition to see potential, sense energy and see the bigger picture of life. Many doors open through the third eye and we may use this as a doorway to explore ourselves deeper.

When this chakra is out of balance, we feel closed off, caught up in the day to day drama and not able to understand that we are the creators of our experience, and that we have the power within us to change it if we expand our knowledge and tap into our inner wisdom.

Through meditation, our third eye can lead us to our truth. Over many lifetimes we have discovered the truth of who we are beyond our physical body. We forget our multidimensional gifts and abilities once we take physical form on earth. Third eye activations lead us on a beautiful journey of remembering who we really are.

When the third eye is blocked, it can lead to migraines, sinusitis, poor vision, seizures, depression, anxiety, paranoia etc.


CROWN CHAKRA (UH) - I am deeply connected to the Universe


The Crown Chakra is the seventh chakra located on the top of our head. Just as the Root Chakra connects us to Mother Earth, The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universe. We bring in the life force energy through our Crown Chakra, and we connect to the light, our spiritual guides and our Higher Selves.

When this chakra is in balance, we can think clearly, use our focus and our brains with ease and feel connected to all that is. We are open-minded and welcome the opportunity to expand our horizons and perspective.

When this chakra is out of balance, we feel disconnected, isolated, fuzzy headed, we live in the limitations of the conscious mind that creates fear, separation, judgement, criticism, and we are closed off to other opinions. Everything is very black and white and there is no room for an alternative perspective. We lack direction, are unable to set goals, and feel disconnected spiritually.


Trauma in the Crown Chakra may manifest in the physical body in the form of Depression, Alzheimer's, Migraines, Insomnia, Neurological disorders, Nerve Pain etc.

As we release the traumas and emotions held in the Crown, we start to feel deeply connected to the universal light, to our connection with the whole universe and the truth of our entire existence.


 By Neelam Minocha

December 2018 Energy Update - Moving Towards Lightness and Joy


Hello beautiful soul family,

Wow!! Can you believe that we are just about to enter the very last month of December. What a year it has been. It's been fast, intense, confusing for many, pushing everyone out of their comfort zones to reach deeper, to heal, to take the next step into the unknown, listening more and more to our inner navigation system and inner truth. Messages, repeating numbers and signs, synchronicities heightened to help us take the next steps along our journey.

As I sum up the year it has been a year of transformation and alignment. We have been called to align on all levels of the mind, the body and the spirit. Called to create balance in our lives, and also declutter and simplify our lives and let go of what no longer serves our truth.

As we go through transformation, we are constantly changing, upgrading, evolving and raising our vibration. This will bring up a change in our environment too and we will feel called to let go of things and people that no longer feel aligned with our journey. As we simplify our lives, we can let go of the heaviness and lighten our load.

The journey is about lightness and joy and this is what we are moving towards, so trust in divine detours and things coming to a close as something new and something more aligned and beautiful is on its way to you. Have faith and trust and surrender to forces that are trying to guide you towards a new chapter in your lives.

The big theme that came up in November was childhood wounds, fears and insecurities being triggered as we are pushed out of our comfort zones... releasing and healing the inner child. The energy was asking us to be more loving towards ourselves, to speak kindly towards ourselves, and to be gentle and patient with ourselves as we take those important steps forward towards our truth and our calling. Stepping into new territory and the unknown.

It has been a painful time of letting for many as your energy changes others will either grow and go with you, or they will drop away and leave your field. This theme is very strong going into December as we close and clear and declutter on every level, and as mercury retrograde continues we are asked to revisit and reflect on past relationships and ask ourselves if they are really serving us. Are we ready to move forward to the next chapter of our lives, lighter and freer?

Also as thousands upon thousands awaken on the planet, we will see a lot of chaos as old structures are dismantled, and those of us who have experienced the awakening journey know how confusing it can be, and its really interesting because around this time I get a huge influx of people seeking guidance and healing as Christmas draws closer and insecurities and emotions are triggered and amplified for many. The theme that comes up so strongly around this time is feeling alone, feeling isolated, and lost.

This is a time to extend our arms to those in need and also to have gratitude for how far we have come on our journey's as we can help so many through our learnings and experience.

We have been reminded continually this year areas of our lives where we are not showing up and honouring ourselves. It could be in your spiritual connection, or having to face emotions you may have avoided in the past, or facing your thoughts and becoming aware of how loud the chatter is in the mind... and actually wanting to do something about it. It could be your physical body demanding your attention now and crying out for love. You will know which area is asking for alignment and these areas cannot be overlooked or avoided any longer. They are gifts from the Universe to assist us in aligning on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

As we come to the final month of December what do we wish to create in 2019... there are inklings of ideas floating into our vision. Messages are coming in... moments of inspiration and those 'aha' moments. What have you always desired and dreamed of the energy for manifestation is ripe and we can accomplish those dreams if we believe.

November Energy Update and 11/11 Gateway


I just wanted to give you an energy update for November and share what I am seeing, sensing and feeling from this months energy.

November is a very special month as we have so many 11's lining up this month. 1st of November was a 111 day and a portal was opened for manifestation, abundance and focused intention on what we wish to create in the world. The year of 2018 is also a very special year as it adds up to the number 11. This is an extremely powerful time for transformation and alignment with our true self. The next big day is on Sunday 11th November.

This is a time of greater clarity, downloads, messages in dreams, integration in the physical body of new light codes that will open up gateways of new exploration for us. As you open up to receiving the light... your soul will be blessed with what it is ready to receive. The intention you put out will help you manifest it into your life.

November is also the month of passion, creativity and being intimate with ourselves, our truth and asking those deeper questions of what we desire and what we are truly passionate about.

It is a month for introspection and reflection, making space to balance doing with being so that we can make space to receive insights, listen to our truth and soul’s calling. Take some time out this month as the energies are hugely amplified and as we head into the darker months and watch the leaves falling from the trees leaving them bare, we too expose our inner truths, our shadow and go even deeper within to align, balance and connect with our soul.

The big message this month has been to slow down and meditate. Connection, silence and space to receive those intuitive messages that are coming from our guides.

Many may be feeling in a strange space of 'nothingness' where you are feeling no movement, no motivation ... just surrender to this space as that is exactly where you are needing to be as I sense lots of new energy, new ways of doing things and new ideas on their way. It is in the stillness that we hear. It is in the slowing down that we integrate.

Please be gentle and kind to yourselves during this time, as the other big message that came through was the need for self love and nurturing. Listening to our bodies, listening to what we need and not forcing things to happen, but stepping back and taking some time for nourishing the soul, sleeping, resting, healthy eating, juicing and anything else that is calling to you.

What I also feel rising in the collective is fire energy... orange..yellow... as this fire energy rises it can feel like anger and unexpressed desires and passions... they are coming up for expression, acceptance and release. I will be working with these energies in our next healing meditation.



Here is a meditation that I recorded a while back that will help you connect to the 11/11 gateway. It is 11:11 minutes long and was completely channelled to create a powerful connection to receive the incoming energies of the 11/11/11 gateway. I highly recommend doing this on the 11th at 11:11am or 11:11pm.

Meditation and connection will be a great way to connect and receive the powerful energies on that day.


Our Body is Like a River - Keep it Flowing


Our Body is Like a River - Keep it Flowing

A river is in continual flow. If a river stagnates, the water starts to smell and things start to grow in, on and around it. A flowing river doesn’t stagnate, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t become dis-eased.

If we think of our bodies like a river - we are 70% water. When the water in our body flows, our lives flow. When the water in our body stagnates, we start to see issues in the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. Water carries memory too, so we hold onto emotions from the past, we hold onto stress and destructive thoughts, and eventually we see these come through to the physical body.

It is essential for our good health and wellbeing to keep our energy body clear and flowing through our chakras, keep our emotional body clear by letting go and flowing with life, and keeping our mental body calm.

As we let go and flow with life, we keep our inner world flowing like a river, and we are less likely to stagnate and create illness and dis-ease in our body. 

Remember to keep your inner river flowing and moving as this is key to good health and wellbeing.

Emotion - The Importance of Tears and Emotional Release


Emotion - The importance of tears... crying and honouring our emotions

It’s been a very intense week of release for many with the full moon and equinox gateway... and emotions have been running high.. be it sadness... fear... anger.. anxiety.

Our emotions are very important indicators of what is buried within us. We carry emotions that become locked into our energy field over lifetimes... and everytime we are triggered those emotions come to the surface wanting expression.

The importance of emotion is to feel it... sit with it... ask questions of ourselves as to why we are feeling this... and the most important thing is to give them permission for release. They teach us where we need balance in our lives.

Very often I hear clients saying ‘I don’t cry’ ‘I don’t want to be weak’ ‘I can’t deal with this right now’ ‘I need to be strong’ ... and so we bury these emotions deep within and never give them permission to surface. This eventually builds up and can affect our physical body and our mental health... the emotion has to go somewhere....

Children and babies show us that by crying they release and then they are happy again... children teach us so much but as adults we forget... we try and control our emotions.

It is important to cry... it’s a release... it’s healing and it allows us to accept where we are and let go.

Remember to honour your emotions as they are our teachers of our human experience... they help us learn and grow and bring balance into our lives.❤️

Equinox Gateway 2018 - A Time For Balance and Truth



I don’t know how you have been feeling, but this week has felt very emotional..... I have felt huge sadness lifting in the collective field and also anger and fear rising around Tuesday.

What I sense from the Equinox Gateway it’s a time to see what needs balance in our lives...

To be transparent about who we are .. what we believe in and not hiding our abilities or downplaying them in the fear of not being accepted. When we own our truth, when we own our abilities and accept who we are without shame or guilt ... then this is the energy that we are anchoring together on earth... The energy of ‘Freedom’.

I have also felt like the old self is being released.... and we are embodying our more authentic selves as we move through this gateway.

There is a greater sense of love and compassion and community building.... the depth of compassion has gone to new levels of love and oneness...

You may experience new psychic gifts and intuitive abilities awakening as we move across this beautiful threshold and into October.

We stand in a very new space and we are letting go of the old template of victim mentality and suffering to embrace love, compassion and unity.

Let’s step across this gateway together and usher in the amazing energies of 5D. Our intention is our power ❤️

Mass Awakening on the Planet - The shift is in full swing 💫


Mass Awakening on the Planet - The shift is in full swing 💫

I am sure many have been feeling the energies intensified and quickening this last week. I have been sensing for a while a mass awakening through October... and last week when I was doing a client’s session... I was shown a vision ... thousands upon thousands of people coming out of the fog of illusion... feeling incredibly lost... confused ... everything that they once knew and believed no longer feeling like it fits... they were looking for lanterns and those who hold the light to guide them.

Lightworkers... it is time... if you are still doubting your abilities... please don’t. You are all needed to shine bright. Whatever you know will help another... your skills are needed now more than ever... we are all needed to shine our unique light through this shift.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else just trust what wants to come through you. You came for this time ... you came to shine bright.

Be a lantern... come out of hiding... put yourself out there...make yourself visible as thousands upon thousands will be reaching and searching for the light, for truth and for guidance.

The awakening process can be painful.. confusing but hugely liberating as we realise our internal unique powers and limitless potential. Help others as they awaken to use their intuitive gifts and guide them to their truth. Xxxx

Love you all 💫❤️💫

August 2018 Energies - Heart Chakra Activations


AUGUST ENERGIES - Eclipse Season and Heart Activations💖

I hope you are well and surviving these incredible emotional waves of eclipse energy that are currently flooding our lives.

We are moving through intense times of soul growth and awakening and receiving huge downloads and activations at this time. These downloads are coming from our Galactic Families, Ascended Masters, Angelic Beings, Ancestral Soul Family and various support teams that surround us at all times wanting to help us on our soul's journey. We are deeply connected to them and they love us unconditionally, they are with us in every moment of every day so call upon them to help you during this time. The heart chakra is being activated to deeper soul love and intimate soul to soul connection, expansion, authenticity and communication.

These eclipses are bringing to the surface all of our suppressed emotions, hidden shadow aspects and deeply suppressed desires to feel, understand, accept and align with.

We are releasing, purging and opening our hearts to unconditional love, and moving beyond conditional love that we have been so accustomed to in this dimension.

Do we really understand what true freedom of the soul means for us as that is where we are heading. Letting go of all conditionings, restrictions, limitations and suppression that puts our love in a box... letting go of all the should's, and the cant's to embody our truest and deepest desires of fulfilment and joy. Freedom to express our love and ourselves in whatever way feels aligned for us individually and moving beyond social conditioning, religious conditioning, cultural conditioning of how we are 'allowed' to express ourselves and our truth in front of others. This is where we are heading... being transparent about our emotions, our truth, our lives and having freedom to express ourselves in our unique and authentic ways.

This will cause much chaos in the world, in relationships and connections, but honesty, authenticity, acceptance of our truth and real heart to heart connection and expansion of our soul will eventually liberate us to be 'free' in every sense of the word.

Many events, people and places are aligning synchronistically and we are being connected to those souls who are a big part of the next chapter of our lives. Authentic partnerships are forming and we are aligning in every sense of the word. Aligning to our heart, aligning to our soul and mission and aligning to our truth.

We are moving into very new times here on Earth and huge activations are taking place this month as we re-member our galactic origins and why we came to Earth.

If we are not aligned with our purpose and truth, the Universe and our Soul is bringing us into alignment on all levels of the mind, the body and the spirit, so being present is so important as you receive your information. This could be through other souls, healers, repeating numbers, dreams, visions, past life flashbacks. Meditation and nature are so important during these times to help you go within.


It is so important to slow down this August and allow the emotions to rise and move through you. Let the sadness rise from the heart ... let all the old stories be purged and released so that you can embody your true self.

I always take August off as I go through massive shifts and remember more and more of my soul gifts and gain greater clarity of whats coming in the months ahead. We also need our time for our soul growth and activations. I will be back in September and full steam ahead.

For a few weeks now I have been sensing something massive coming in October and the Universe has asked me to up my classes of meditation as many souls are going to be experiencing the chaos and awakening process and we are being asked to hold the light.

I am running monthly meditations on the radio in the USA and all shows are available to listen to on my website.

These will help you stay centred and help you connect to beings in the other dimensions, their love and energy, building our connection and knowing without any doubt that they are there for us.

I am also scheduling a whole series of Soul Activation Meditations from September to help people through these shifts.


Meditate With Neelam and Jesus - 21st August - 9AM PST, 12PM EST, 5PM GMT…/events/250169608/

I will be bringing through the energy of Jesus and his channelled wisdom. Whenever I channel him... I cry. His love is so overwhelming and beautiful. The purest love imaginable. Words do not even touch this incredible love. I look forward to bringing his energy through.


Starting on September 10th I am running a new series of group meditations and soul activations. Powerful energies, connections and assisting groups through the next phase of their journey. These will be held at The Coach House, Esgors, Epping CM16 6LY every other Monday evening. They are transformational sessions.

SEPTEMBER 10th:…/events/253077752/

SEPTEMBER 24th:…/events/253093678/

In the meantime please rest, allow the emotions to rise and acknowledge your inner desires and truth. Allow yourselves to live a life that expresses your true self without fear and call in your guides, they are waiting to assist you. They need your permission.

Important dates for August for energy activations:

Lions Gate Activation Portal - 8th August
Next Eclipse - 11th August

I will see you all in September. My love and blessings and huge hugs to you all. I love you ❤️

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - 27th July - A Time For Massive Soul Growth and Transformation 



I am sure you all have been feeling the intensity of the new moon partial eclipse since July 12/13th. There was lots of sadness rising to the surface in the collective field and lots of fear too held in the root chakra. Many may be feeling dizzy spells, experiencing headaches, body aches, lower back issues, bloating in the stomach and feeling extremely tired and emotional or having vivid dreams.

Many are being forced to stop and be grounded so that they can receive the incoming transformational energies and downloads that are being sent to us. If we are constantly running we cannot fully integrate the energies. Nature is a great way to ground, fresh air, meditation, yoga or gentle exercise and lots of fluids.

We are now heading for a full blown.. full moon lunar eclipse on Friday 27th July. Brace yourselves!! Get ready to shine a huge floodlight on all the hidden shadow aspects of our lives and all that has been buried, deeply suppressed and hidden now rising to be examined.

During eclipses our emotions are amplified, life situations are amplified... chaos and suffering is amplified to show us where we need to make changes in our lives to align our soul to its highest calling.

This July is a monumental time for releasing the old, for closure and letting go of anything that weighs us down so that the new energies and opportunities can enter our lives with ease.

Full Moons naturally bring our emotions to the surface and we can feel quite emotional during these times. Many do not understand just how much the planets affect us. It is so important to connect the two ... we are the Universe in physical expression and deeply connected to all things great and small.

If situations are highlighted to you during this time ... it’s the universe’s way of trying to help you grow and move beyond repeating patterns that keep playing out in your life.

Look at these times as massive opportunities for soul growth and deeper reflection of what is personally rising to the surface for you... negative patterns, limiting belief programs and situations that you may need to understand at a deeper level.

Also observe your emotions too and ask yourselves why these emotions are coming up for you. The answers are within us, but we must be still and slow down and reflect... it is only through observation and reflection can we then take action to change our lives and move towards alignment of our inner truth and joy.

Use these times to propel yourselves to new heights and new opportunities, to success and joy.

Be gentle with yourselves, rest if you are being forced to slow down and become the observer of what is arising within you.

We live in transformational times here on Earth and the planets and the Universe are assisting us in stepping beyond fear and limitation, out of our comfort zones to reach new heights and experience our fullest potential in life.

Embrace the blessings these eclipses bring. 

Messengers From The Universe Come in Many Different Guises


Messengers From The Universe Come in Many Different Guises ❤️

Yesterday I took some moments to sit outside and breathe... life is taking me in so many new directions... sometimes overwhelming as so new and different... not knowing where I am heading but feeling my way slowly forward. Taking one step at a time.

This is happening for many of us as we go through so much change in our lives and experience very ‘new’ versions of ourselves. Sometimes we hardly recognise this new being that is emerging.

Learning to trust in the direction we are being guided to go, sometimes feeling overwhelmed and two ways at once ... out of our comfort zone, learning to navigate the energies and being fluid enough to move in new directions. Trusting the flow as we go.

Yesterday as I sat, feeling all of these emotions ... I needed some time out. So I went and sat in the garden and closed my eyes. As I asked the universe for my messages and tuned in... I felt something tickling my arm. At first I ignored it, but then it continued. When I opened my eyes... there it was ... the cutest little beauty - a grasshopper looking straight at me and tickling my arm.

I laughed as immediately I knew my little messenger had arrived.

Grass Hopper Wisdom:

When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. he could be telling you to trust yours.

The Universe is always speaking to us. We are in a huge transition... with a Cosmic showdown this month.. so many planets in retrograde... eclipse season and feeling so many emotions all at once. Time to slow down and tune in.

We are learning to use our senses to move forward... ‘feeling’ our way forward. The fact is that everything that is unveiling for us now we already know at a soul level, we are just in a process of re-membering and moving beyond perceived limitations of our human self.

Your messengers may come to you wearing many different guises... be open to hearing their wisdom. The veils are thinner than ever before.

These come as blessings from the magical ‘UNI’verse we live in ❤️🙏 as we are all connected.

The Energy Of 2018 - The Year Of The Butterfly


This year of 2018 already is feeling like a year of opportunity. Time to use our wings to fly. The year of the butterfly. When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it can no longer hide away. It has a richness of colour and beauty which is meant to be seen ... it's beauty is meant to shine. A butterfly was born to fly.

This goes for all of us, if you have been hiding your gifts in the cupboard and not really giving yourselves permission to follow your joy and come out and shine, then now is your time. This is the year that you get to show off your gifts and come out of hiding.

Ask yourselves what intentions you will be setting for yourselves. Ask yourselves if you are happy going in the direction you are going for the next 9 years. If not, now is the time to make those changes. Your life flows where your energy goes. Where does your energy want to go?

2018 many souls will start to believe in their soul gifts and step into their empowerment. Opening the heart chakra and third eye. We have so much support from our spirit guides and angels, it's about trusting the messages that come through and taking action.

2018 is about moving into our heart space, moving into empowerment, having more compassion for one another. As the energy and vibration on earth continues to ascend, more and more souls will be awakening and asking questions, reflecting, searching, wanting their own freedom, and seeking like minded souls who bring out the best in them and moving away from ones who make them feel small and insecure.

As we open our hearts, the energy of love will spread, more lights will be switched on, and there will be more unity based projects happening in the world. More charity work, seeing all people around the globe through the eyes of love and compassion and wishing to help others. There is so much change that is coming but it is all good.

Old systems will continue to crumble as more and more people will be able to see through the deception and control and fear based tactics. More and more high vibrational children are coming onto our planet each and every day. Many of them connect with me in my dreams ... they let me know that they are on their way and to keep an eye on them on this earth plane. I have many beautiful children flooding to me every day who need support and guidance as they struggle under the current system.

I see more care for the environment. Using solar energy, and recycling of goods. I see people caring for one another. I see abundance coming in all ways and that makes my heart sing with joy. I see beautiful things ahead of us. Realignment will continue to take place and souls will continue to learn their soul lessons, but there will be so many resources for them to be supported on their journey of growth as more and more individuals step out and express their beautiful gifts to share with the world.

Wishing you all lots of joy, passion, abundant love and manifestation on your magical journey.

The journey begins with you, the magic starts when you say YES to life.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our magical events.  

Love and blessings. 

Neelam xxxxx

Your Cells are Listening To Every Word You Say...




Our cells and cellular memories hold lifetimes of emotions and imprints. Our cells follow OUR instructions... they listen to our beliefs, to our thoughts.... to our words.... to the way we speak to ourselves... they listen and they act accordingly to the instructions that we give them.

How do you speak to your body? If you continually say 'I am tired' guess what you will be continually tired. If you tell yourself that you are no good... then that will be your outer experience. If you reject your body... it will behave like someone who feels rejected.

If you constantly tell your body off for not supporting you, then it will not support you...

Our cells listen to every word we say.... speak to your body with love and it will support you.

Speak to your body with kindness and it will be kind to you...

Speak to your body with appreciation and it will dance and sing.

Just like we as humans want to be loved externally we must first learn to love ourselves internally.

Speak to your body daily and tell your cells how much you love them... say it from your heart and soul and they will feel it. When anything or anyone feels loved.... they melt and blossom and grow. They heal.

Our body is exactly the same. Speak to your body and cells with love. ❤️❤️❤️

The Importance of Human Touch and the Healing Effects of Hugging


Do you make time in your day for hugs? Do you hug openly or hold back? Do you wish to hug others more but feel it may be seen as inappropriate?

Do we really understand how powerful the healing effects of hugging are for a human being?

Human touch is the most basic form of communication and is essential for life. A mother bonds with her new born baby through touch, a new born baby animal is licked into life by its mother.

Without touch we deteriorate, form illness in the body, feel alone and isolated, we shrivel up and become withdrawn.

We were born to touch, love, hug. It is our natural way...We thrive when we are hugged. It lifts our vibration, makes us feel comforted, safe, warm, held and loved. We are tactile creatures, so being starved of touch is the ultimate isolation.

Hugs have a language of their own... no need for words... 
Hugs are healing,
Hugs make us smile,
Hugs lift our energy,
Hugs open our hearts and connect us on a deeper level,
Hugs are powerful, 
Hugs are a natural medicine,
Hugs dissolve anger and sadness,
Hugs are soothing, 
Children need lots of hugs as it makes them more confident, secure and they flourish in life.

Remember to hug more.... it is our natural state. We were born to love and hug one another. 💖

The Energy of Unconditional Love by Neelam Minocha

What is the one thing that connects us all?

Judgment cuts the flow of love,

Criticism sabotages our experiences

Blame creates enemies and not allies

Fear traps us …  it does not set us free

What is it that we all yearn for from each other? What is it that we yearn for from ourselves?

What is it that binds us as one?

What is it that removes separation, competition, judgment, lack, frustration, anger, sadness … what is it that we all seek?

It is love

It is love

It is love…

If I were to tell you that beautiful bird that you see on that branch of that tree is a reflection of you… what would you say? Beautiful…

If I told you that stunning sunset in the evening sky is a part of you… what would you say? Wow! Stunning!

If I were to say you are the ocean, the mountains, the lakes and the trees. You are the sunset and the sunrise and the birds and the bees ..what would you say?

Is it possible that you could be these things? You may say to yourselves, how can I be these things.. they are beautiful. We do not see this beauty in ourselves, we forget that we are all different forms of the divine in physical expression playing out different roles, and wearing different masks. Strip it all back and there is only love, purity and peace.

Love is the driving force that brought us here – to find again in the maze, the fog, the illusion of life. We came to find the love. We searched and we seek'd and we lost our way, we looked high and we looked low … we looked everywhere out there, but we forgot to in here… inside. It was hiding there all along, our joy, our peace, our power, our love. It was within all along.

You may seek happiness, and love in another, and it will bring you joy, but the ultimate joy and peace comes from in here, when we accept ourselves once more, when we love ourselves once more, and when we can look in the mirror and see the divine smiling and looking back at us. When we can see the light.

We came here to find love. We came to experience pain, separation, heart ache, and loss to ultimately  help us remember that it is love that heals all.

If there is no fear, there is only love, joy, expansion in all ways. Love sets us free.

We forget when we come here and we get stuck in our stories, in our pain, in the race of the ego mind. We get trapped in own stories and scripts and we forget the one thing that will take us home and bring us back to our truth and our light.

 It is LOVE

So this evening I am going to connect you back to your beautiful hearts Underneath all our wounds, pain, sadness and anger there is only love. Let us remember.

The only way we can share this love with others is if we have remembered it ourselves. Its time to receive and fill your being, every cell, every organ and energy centre with unconditional love.

This space will be held for you to lighten your load, to surrender in all ways and receive. It is ok to receive and focus on yourself… It is not selfish.

Transparency in all ways heals the soul. Loving with an open heart frees our soul.

How often do we say to ourselves “I Love you?” How often do we say to our pain “I hear you”, How often do we say to our emotions – “I sit with you, I process you, I give you freedom to release and be understood.”

How often do we sit and stop and focus within. Create balance and we grow.

Sometimes we are afraid of love, of opening our heart. Old wounds surface where we were hurt, abandoned, left without answers. Sometimes it hurts to open our heart … to trust and feel those old wounds. Let them come up, face them so that you can be free.

In fear we withdraw and become small, we hide we hurt.

In love we expand, we grow, we open and we heal.

Love is the most powerful healer of all. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Let us breathe and bathe in this energy that says to every cell in our being “I am love, I am love, I am love”

The energy of unconditional love will heal and dissolve your pain, will heal and dissolve your problems, and will heal and dissolve your fears.

Need does not set us free, it is conditional, only love does. Unconditional love.

When there are conditions, there is expectation, disappointment, frustration.

Unconditional love lifts our vibration. Unconditional Love asks for nothing in return.

It releases illness and disease from the body

It heals the soul. We are born with love, and fear is what we learn.

Let us remember and fill ourselves with this love that is bountiful, beautiful, abundant in all ways. Overwhelming, nurturing, nourishing. Let us taste this love so that we never retreat to need. Let us remember….