Final 9.9.9 Day

Today is the final 999 day of this special 9th month in our 9 year universal cycle.

We had the 9th, the 18th and now the 27th. Again the energies of the number 9 are amplified.. The vibration of endings, completion and closure.

When universal energies are amplified, it gives us an opportunity to reflect, go within and truly ask from our hearts what we desire.

Life begins when we step out of our comfort zones and give ourselves permission to have a new experience.

Ask yourselves... What is my truth? What do i want? What do i want to experience? What do i need to let go of? What is holding me back from my joy? 
Am i being true to myself? Am i living for others and not myself? Am i sacrificing my soul or living a life of balance? Where do i need to create more balance in my life?

When we ask such soul searching questions and make a commitment to ourselves to live by our truth we are then shown a new pathway... Which inturn will lead to a new experience.

Give yourselves permission to let go of the 'old' ... Imagine ripping up those old contracts that no longer honour your truth and give yourselves permission to have a new experience.

You are the creator of your life, and change comes from making choices in your life that are aligned with your truth.

So on this beautiful day.... Sit in silent contemplation, meditate and send out your intentions to the universe. The whole universe will conspire to set the wheels in motion to deliver to you what you truly desire.

Sending love and hugs 💖💖💖