Abundance is all around us if we open our eyes and see

Abundance is all around us if we open our eyes and see...

This week i was blessed with so much abundance from the universe. Flowers from my hubby, beautiful sunflowers from a client, my daughter found £150 in one of my clutch bags at the back of my cupboard, a bag of coins spilled all over the floor in front of me, an old friend treated me to a meal..and a little gem i found hidden away growing in my garden which i never planted and have never seen before.

I looked at all of these and my beautiful flowers with deep gratitude and love. Gifts from Mother Nature, Mother Earth.
She gives to us unconditionally, no matter what. Whether we are disrespectful to her land, or we are loving and caring for her. She still continues to give us unconditionally... 'Mother' Nature, 'Mother' Earth. This is what a mother does. No matter how her children behave or reject her, she will still love them unconditionally. 💖

I looked at all of these gems and thought nature does not compete with another. Nature celebrates its beauty, splendour, colour and uniqueness side by side with each other so why can't we?

Nature shows us everyday how we can live together in harmony. The stars in the sky never look cramped .. They shine abundantly bright as they know there is plenty of room for all of them to shine and twinkle in their own unique way.💫

Why do we not learn from nature, from the stars from the beauty of abundance that exists all around us.

Abundance is a state of mind and a choice. If we wish to feel abundant.. we must think abundant thoughts. If we wish to see lack, then that is what we will attract and create in our lives. This is the Cosmic Law of attraction, creation and manifestation.

Choose your thoughts wisely and really believe that abundance is everywhere and that's what you will be blessed with. Give generously, love unconditionally and you will be blessed in every way. 😊

Have a beautiful day, enjoy the sunshine and see abundance all around you. 💐💖💐