August Downloads and Lions Gate Portal


We are coming up to August. How this year has flown. So much has been happening this year for all of us.

It's been a challenging year for many, lots of cleansing, letting go, understanding of past life lessons, and a realignment of the soul. Yes challenging in many many ways for many souls as we let go of old programmings and belief systems that have defined us for so long.

You may be experiencing old emotions surfacing yet again... ones that you thought you had finally let go of. They are coming up for final clearing. To understand fully what you were meant to learn from these experiences and a final aha moment where it all makes sense and you see the bigger picture of your long and exhausting journey through thousands of lifetimes to be at this point you are at now.

It has been testing to stay strong and keep your personal light shining bright as you have been witnessing so much unsettlement in the outside world, on the news and in the newspapers.

Everything has been trying to distract you, unbalance you and take you off centre, and it is the strong souls who will be able to step back and just witness what is happening without getting attached. You are the light bearers who have come to shine so bright and keep the light frequency high for others as they awaken, so give yourselves a pat on the back for not getting caught up and sucked into the drama of the illusion.

I have been receiving messages that i have to stop and go 'underground' for this coming month. The messages have been so strong that i have now not scheduled any one to one sessions till September. It is so important to be still and listen as we are receiving lots of new downloads, new ways of working with the current energies and the energies that will be coming in during this month. Light frequencies on our planet are rising up yet again, and many souls may be experiencing ascension symptoms... dizziness, spinning sensations, ringing in the ears, and popping of the ears, fatigue, blurred vision, feeling very emotional and sensitive, heart palpitations or feeling very depressed and confused.

We are going through shifts again! This year was never going to be easy, but nonetheless it is going to be amazing when we all look back one day and remember how we were all realigned onto our paths during the year of 2016! Always easier to reflect when we look back and join all the dots that got us to where we were meant to be.

For those still struggling, please try to lift your vibration through meditation it will help you so much. It will help you move forward, try to rise above your experience and understand what it is meant to be teaching you. There is an important lesson there for you if you can reflect.

The Lions Gate Portal leading up to the Lion's Gateway on 8/8 opens over the next couple of days. As this portal opens we will be receiving new downloads of codes, information and guidance of how to move forward on our paths.

We are moving into very new times, and i know that my energy work has certainly changed so much as i am guided to work with the new frequencies in lots of different and exciting ways. Creating is my passion, and the universe is asking me to switch off completely now to tune in. Meditation is key, less distraction from social media and phones. More stillness, more silence as we listen to where we are being guided.

I always trust the guidance that i receive, so this will be the last email you will receive from me till September. I am switching off my phone for August and am totally detaching and going within. It feels so right to do this and the messages have been so strong. I am also being guided to give this message to you all to do the same. Listen, be still and tune in. You may receive information in dream state, so keep a notepad next to your bed and jot down what you experience in your dreams. You may receive ideas in meditation which may seem so crazy and out there but trust them. Silence will help you hear. Less distraction will help you tune in. It is a very important time, and many people have been guided to take August off or go on a long holiday. This is not a coincidence, but exactly as it is meant to be. Go by the ocean, be in nature and fresh air and rest.

For all those of you who are waiting for appointments I will send you dates for September. Thank you so much for your patience. I will be back on it from the first week of September.

There are many beautiful transmissions and energy workshops lined up as we go into September to help you through the coming months and energy upgrades.

Kuan Yin is so present in my visions right now, she was so present in our Shakti Dhana Transmission as was Isis. There is so much support from the Higher Realms right now, Archangel Michael, St Germain, they are all hovering trying to support us, but they cannot interfere unless they have your permission, so ask your angels and guides to show you the way. Be open to the blessings that are coming to you as this star-gate opens. Surrender and receive. It is time to become the masters you seek. It is time to embrace your own mastery and light and evolve to a totally new vibration.

Exciting times lie ahead.