July New Moon Energy - Creativity, Desire, Relationships, Truth and Transformation

Welcome to July. There is so much happening at the moment on an energetic level, both externally in the world around us, and internally within us. Everything is coming up for review right now. The light, the dark, what is working and what is not....

The energies of this July New Moon are exposing everything that isn't working for us.... just as we are seeing the exposure in politics and government, we are also reviewing things in our relationships. We are being asked to become 'conscious' and 'wake up' to our truth.

We are being asked to look at the imbalances in our lives.....

What do we desire?

What do we really want deep in our soul?

Are we being true to ourselves or are we just settling for something less?

Who are we, what defines us?

What is our truth?

Old patterns and behaviours are being exposed. Imbalances are being exposed. Do we want more of the same or are we going to ask ourselves some deeper questions about our truth....

We have an opportunity here to transform our lives and align ourselves more with our soul essence... our true selves. It is a wonderful time, yet also a very painful time too as we break through the old systems and old programs that have been running the show for so long - they have not being working for us, so now it is time to awaken and embrace the new.

I am always in deep gratitude to the universe as to how they steer me to work with the current energies and what 'energy' work is required here on Earth.

We will be working with Desire and our Creative Energy, and also Relationships this month - The Balancing of the Masculine and Feminine Energies within us and outside of us.

We are going through a huge transition, and as a human race we are being asked now to evolve towards our Higher Selves and our Highest Truth. Many souls are here to help the planet through these changing times, and many souls need to be awakened now to their multi-dimensional gifts. We all have these inside of us, every human being has a gift, and i am very passionate about helping individuals tap into and awaken their true gifts and full potential.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Yes we have our vocations here on earth.. accountants, doctors, lawyers, firemen etc etc.. but we also have gifts beyond our day to day lives. For example I was a Chartered Accountant in the Corporate World heading up Senior Management Teams for years, but my real gift was energy work, transmissions, and awakening souls to their light. Once I awakened, aligned and activated my DNA Codes, and my soul's blueprint, it opened up a very different world to me beyond my wildest of dreams and imagination. I am in complete awe of this journey and i want everyone to experience and embrace their true multi-dimensional gifts. It is our path to our evolution, our joy and our true sense of purpose here on earth... our enlightenment.

The time has come to access our gifts and our creative powers so that we can help ourselves and help the planet evolve through these changing times. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Everything is coming up for review in our relationships....

If we do not communicate in relationships, we don't have a relationship, once we balance ourselves we can be a better person in our relationships.

Who am I?

What am i bringing to the table?

What defines me?

Am i too Masculine?

Am i too Feminine?

Do i have commitment issues?

If i do not value myself, how can i expect others to value me?

If i do not love myself, how can i expect others to love me?

Why am i still on my own?

When we fix the imbalance at a soul energetic level, we acknowledge who we are and where the imbalance is, and thats when we can restore balance and peace within ourselves and outside of ourselves too, and attract to us what we desire.

Rob and I will be working through Channelled Meditation and Deep Healing, Movement and Sound to take you on a journey to bring light for your soul and to bring balance within your Masculine and Feminine Energies.

We are a complete being... and only we are responsible for our happiness. No one can be held accountable for that except ourselves. So lets be accountable and lets make ourselves happy once more. Lets restore the balance and change our reality.

Reflect, release and transform ... it is the only way forward, time to face our truth and evolve.