My work with Dolores Cannon, Dr Emoto and Nikola Tesla

It was in July of this year that my communication started with Dolores Cannon. I started to see her in my visions and receive messages from her. I knew that in August I had to be completely still and shutdown all forms of distraction, social media and communication with the outside world. It was time to go within as I was sensing a huge wave of change that was on its way for me… I needed to listen to hear the guidance that was coming through from the Universe.

Dolores was very active in my visions and we started to communicate. She would wake me up in the early hours of the morning and was very persistent for me to create something. I was guided to create a series of transmissions clearing all negative imprints and negative core beliefs from the roots of our being, which meant going back to past life and childhood traumas to bring up the issues, the deeply ingrained belief systems, programs and patterns that block our flow and transition from our 3rd Dimensional duality system into the 5th Dimensional World.

The way to do this is to go back to the roots of emotional issues and imprints in our cellular memories and release them from there. Starting at the root and working up through the chakras.

The series was created and we ran our first event on Oct 17th 2016 working with the Root Chakra, our core, our sense of safety and security. This date kept flashing into my head so strongly, so I listened and acted and the event was scheduled for this day.

I also felt on this transmission that it was essential that we work with water, intention and prayer. It was only during the evening that it was brought to my attention that Dr Emoto actually died on this very day two years earlier Oct 17th 2014. Wow! I was blown away. 
What a beautiful opportunity we had been given to honour and remember him on this day.

Dr Emoto had been coming into my visions too for about a week or so as had Nikola Tesla. At first I did not understand the connection or why I was seeing them. It was only the following day after the transmission that everything started to fit into place and make sense to me.

I was woken up at 5am the following morning and I saw them again in my visions but this time all three of them were sitting around a table and they wanted to have a chat with me, and so the communications began. They asked me to come on board with them and work with them to activate the DNA strands that lie dormant in our energetic light bodies, which once activated will awaken humanity and unlock the keys to our ascension and give us access to the different dimensions, awaken our power, our knowledge and the rememberance of our multidimensional gifts. This is something that I have been working towards for the last few years with my groups and one to one sessions and it is something that I am very passionate about. I have always felt since my awakening that this was my mission here on earth.

These three beautiful souls spent their entire awakened life here on earth helping humanity evolve. Eating, breathing and sleeping their passion, inorder to make a difference in the world. They helped thousands and thousands of people around the globe whilst they were in human form, and they are very much together in the spirit world and are continuing their work from the higher dimensions.

I am in the process of creating the first event working with sound resonance and frequency, water and light and will have this event on meetup over the next few days. These will begin on May 10th on the full moon, bringing in the energy and wisdom of these beautiful souls to work with the group during the transmissions.

I am deeply honoured, grateful and very excited to be working with them. We are moving into very new and exciting times, and working with energy in lots of new and exciting ways. I will continue to tune in and bring through the energy work and information that they wish to share with us all.