Paris Attacks - Friday 13th November 2015

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Friday 13th.... we must remember that these acts of violence were the actions of a few very lost souls who are still trying to breed hate and separation of humanity. It is up to us to keep the faith, to keep striving forward to create peace, to spread light, to educate and unite.

But firstly we must remove the 'terrorist' within each of one us. When we tar the whole of the muslim race as 'terrorists' we are fuelling the energy of separation. When we allow the media to control what is important for us to hear and control us with their views and spin on the news that is fed to us, we are fuelling separation. When we judge another human being because of the colour of their skin, religion, education, or material wealth, we are fuelling separation.

I asked a very dear muslim friend of mine his views of the attacks. Here is what he had to say...

"Islam is a religion of peace, love and humanity. We are taught to love and respect our fellow humans, no matter what the faith or race. The majority of muslims condemn the tragedy that occurred in Paris, and our hearts go out to the families who lost their loved ones. The terrorists that carried out these atrocities have nothing to do with islam. We must all unite as humans to fight this evil and teach people to love one another. Evil is trying to break us apart and we must educate and return love to people's hearts".

These are the beautiful words of my beautiful muslim friend. How can I hate him when there is only love in his heart.... We cannot judge another because of their religion or colour or creed. They are human .. with the same heart, love, feelings. and blood running through their veins. Education and illumination is the only way forward to break this old paradigm of fear, judgement and separation.

If we as human beings allow others to take our power away and control us with fear, we are fuelling this. Can you see...we are creating more hate, more separation, more judgement and more fear. Where will that lead us.... far far away from peace that is for sure.

We have the power within each one of us to create the world we wish to see. A world where our children can grow up without fear, where women can walk the streets at night without having to look over their shoulders, where old people are not fearful to come out of their houses and engage with the world, where the homeless and poor are not ignored and treated like scum.

We must remove the 'terrorist' within each one of us first so that we can unite our world.

As we channel our energies and light towards one intention... peace, we can create a ripple of energy and light across the globe that is more powerful than one can imagine, this light will eventually eliminate the darkness.

These acts of brutality are only trying to scare us, to separate us and to keep us small. Do not give your power away to a small minority of lost souls. Do not allow this to create fear in your hearts. Instead pray for love, for light, for peace. Our collective intention and love has the power to change the energy of the world.

Hate does not eliminate fear.... it fuels it. Only love has the power to eliminate fear and darkness. So be light, be love and be compassionate. Remove all the walls you have created within yourselves that create and fuel separation, and allow the compassion in your hearts to see another soul with love.

As we spread the energy of love and compassion, it will ripple out to others. We are energy, and we always have a choice. We can allow the acts of a few to destroy the peace in our hearts or we can unite as one and spread the message of love. I know what I will be doing.

On Friday night I was actually running a workshop teaching people how to channel energy and sending healing to the world. This is the way forward, working with energy. It is the only way to change the vibration of our planet, to dissolve the hate and fear. Collective pray, healing, meditation, energy work and focused intention is the way forward. It truly is.

I ask you all to wake up to where your help is needed. Each one of us has the power to make a difference. We can turn a blind eye, bury our heads in the sand and carry on with life, or we can create our circles of light and help raise the consciousness of the planet with education, with compassion and with light. As we illuminate the way others will follow. We all have a responsibility to Mother Earth. She is calling all of us to do our bit for the world.

Eliminate anything that separates you from another, remove the terrorist within so that we can unite with love.

Love is the only healer ….. It is the only way...

Namaste xxxx