Special September Energies - 9.9.9 Vibrations Amplified

Today is such a special day!! The whole month of September is such a special month.

Today holds the vibration of 9.9.9.

We have the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th year! (2+0+1+6)

This is a very rare event and very exciting. The number 9 signifies the energy of endings and completions. We are coming to the end of a karmic 9 year universal cycle which started in 2008.

As we come to the end of this cycle we are clearing out and cleaning up everything that now needs to leave our space, ready for the next 9 year cycle.

We have experienced so much change in these last 9 years, and it is now important that we express our truth, share our gifts and listen and trust our intuition more and truly step into our power.

There will be many closures in your lives, many Lightworkers stepping into their duties to help humanity and the world as a whole. It is time to clear your space and simplify your lives so you can invite the new energies, opportunities and people into your space. Are you ready? 😊

Enjoy the beautiful energies of this special day and ask yourselves what now needs to leave your space. Time for those endings, ready for new exciting beginnings.