A Testing Time on our Planet - Keeping the Faith


I really felt a need to write this morning, as i can feel the collective energy of doubt, fear, and losing faith in what is happening in our world.

I wish to share with you what is happening in my sessions with my clients this year to help you see what is happening on a collective level too. Everything is connected. Since last September most of my sessions have been taking me back to past life and childhood cleansing. Patterns so deeply engrained are finally after many lifetimes coming up to be purged and cleared. This is the first time in many many lifetimes that we have this opportunity to cleanse and release and free ourselves from lifetimes of ancestral, cultural, karmic pain and trauma. Deep anger and sadness, rejection, isolation and fear that has been embedded and imprinted in our cellular memories. These patterns and programs are finally coming up for understanding and clearing.

Underneath all of these layers of emotions lie our beautiful multi-dimensional gifts which we can begin to access as we clear up and purge our stories and emotions from the past.

I know myself how much i have personally cleared and balanced within me, and yes there was a need for me to go back to past life to understand the repeating patterns and my story to finally be free of it. What that did for me was opened up a world that my soul once knew full of love and peace and oneness. We must go back to the root of the trauma and clear up from that point in time.

Every day i see beautiful souls walk into my healing room or my group sessions with beautiful gifts to share and help our planet ascend to a higher vibration, these souls are not even aware of what they have inside of them. I see it so clearly and it is my mission here on Earth to take these souls to the 5th Dimension by helping them awaken their light, clear their baggage and to activate their gifts so that they remember who they are and why they came.

We are all energy, we are all light, and we are all children of the divine playing out different roles.

What we are seeing in the world around us is also the same as what i am seeing in my sessions. Deep ancestral anger, sadness, rejection and fear is coming up as a collective, playing out in all the situations we are seeing escalating in the world around us. This also needs to take place so that it can be purged and finally released. It has been deeply embedded and engrained and we must now face it all to finally move through it and move to a higher vibration and a new paradigm of unity consciousness.

What often happens when we see the doom and gloom of the news is that we lose faith, we feel it is pointless and that the world has gone crazy and we have totally lost control. Peace and unity seem like a distant dream and one that we will never see in our lifetimes here. We lose faith and we stop believing and get sucked into the fear and darkness of it all.

My message to you, is KEEP THE FAITH. Keep shining bright, keep dreaming of peace. You always have a choice, and you will attract to you what you choose to believe. Your light and love is needed more than ever to keep shining bright and to keep the balance of light and darkness. It is a candle that lights up a dark room, it is a spark that ignites a flame. It is the light that will always eliminate the darkness. So as dark as things may seem to you right now, please keep the light alive and keep the faith. Open your hearts even more and send love out into the world and to all the people around you.

Remember we are energy and our frequency is powerful, and when we all shine brightly, we all have the power to raise the vibration of the earth. Believe me there are many souls with incredible gifts being awakened on a daily basis. This excites me as i see the real beauty of what is actually happening here on our planet.

There are so many Higher Beings and Angels and Guides who are trying to help us keep our light shining bright. Synchronistic messages are coming through everyday, soul connections are being made, and new doors being opened for us to walk through towards our truth and purpose here.

It is important to stay centred, and meditate and keep your energy calm. Don't get sucked into the news, bless those amazing souls who chose to give up their lives for the greater good. How brave are they. We must unite so that their lives were not lost in vain.

We all chose to be here right now, so lets make a difference and lets keep the energy high. This is my request to you.

I leave you today with an image of one of my transmissions, a photo taken by beautiful Ewa Janas at my retreat in Glastonbury. As i prepared for the transmission, the light beings all flocked in to work with me (green orbs around me and on my head). This is the beauty of life, we are all connected, and we have the support from the higher realms if we choose to see it and embrace it. If we continue to open our hearts, minds and eyes to the beauty of what truly surrounds us. This is the beauty of our earthly existence and of love.

You have a choice... please choose your thoughts wisely and never give up faith. These are the birthing pains and the cleansing that is taking place before the new earth is birthed.

Sending love and blessings and deep heartfelt hugs to you all.