Energies for 2016

As a new era is upon us we are transitioning into a new age of consciousness. The age of love, peace, truth and freedom. Many of you may have been experiencing a lot of change especially over the last two to three years. It has been an incredibly testing time for most, where deep reflection has been needed for us to grow and evolve into our authentic selves. These last few years of transition through pain, confusion and unsettlement have been necessary to release and clear old, outdated patterns of behaviour that no longer resonate with who we truly are.

2016 holds the energy of 'ACTION' and 'CHANGE'. Energetically, it is the year of endings and new beginnings. We will be clearing up or closing things that no longer support our truth and vibration.

There will be a lot of cleansing going on in the early part of the year... Clearing office space, cleansing and detoxing the body, clearing of our homes, getting rid of furniture, old clothes etc. A real need to energetically 'let go' of the old energy that maybe keeping us stuck and stagnant, and to make space for the new. 

It will be a year of speaking your truth and bringing to the surface things that are no longer working in your relationships. In the past you may have just suppressed your feelings and not voiced your truth, but 2016 energy will not allow you to hide from the truth anymore. It is a time for re-alignment of your relationships. A time to be totally transparent about your needs and to not compromise yourself for another. This could create much chaos for a while, but in the long run it will be for your highest good. 

Your soul has a plan, a mission, it has to be at a certain place by a certain time, so there will be a lot of change and movement this year to get you to where you need to be to fulfil your soul's plan here on Earth. A year of action! You will no longer be able to procrastinate and sit on your laurels. The universe will be calling to your soul to wake up and listen.

It is best during this year to surrender to the flow of life, to the new energy and to synchronicity. Observe your life and let go of things that are not flowing for you, that are weighing you down. You do not need to carry this weight anymore on your own. We are living in a 5th dimensional space now where we can allow the higher realms to support us. Set your intentions and ask. Remember to meditate on a regular basis.

Create your visions for what you want in your lives. Plant the seeds and do something that you love. Find the joy and balance of giving and receiving in all aspects of your life once more. Your human self does not have to try and figure everything out by itself. Ask your higher self to support you and open your heart to the magical space of love, flow, surrender, and synchronicity. 

The journey begins with you, the magic starts when you say YES to life.