The Energy of Abundance - Goddess Lakshmi - Channelled by Neelam Minocha

Beautiful Divine Children Blessings, 

This is Goddess Lakshmi. I am the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance. I wish to speak with you all about the energy of Abundance.

Many of you struggle with money. Many of you carry deep rooted beliefs about money.. that there isn't enough, that one must compete against another to have more, that money is bad, that money is the root of all evil, that spiritual people cannot be rich. These thought forms are blocking your abundance. Abundance cannot just be equated to money my children. This is where many of you are getting stuck. Abundance must flow and any stagnation is a block in the flow.

When you remove these deep rooted beliefs and remember that any lack or scarcity is a stagnation and a block in the flow, then money can start to flow to you.

Money is energy and energy must flow. Money must flow. Never think "what can I get out of this" but instead come from your heart and say "how can I serve, what can I give". Of course value yourselves, I am not asking you to sacrifice your soul, but wish you to understand the energy of 'Lack', 'Scarcity', and 'Abundance'.

The human mind is limited, everything is black and white. The mind expects outcomes in a certain way. If they do not unfold in this way there is disappointment, there is frustration, and there is anger.

I say to you my children, be still. Remove the limited scope of your mind and release your beliefs that there is not enough. Give without expectation, give knowing that the Universe is Abundant and that there is no 'debt' to be paid. That all acts of kindness from the heart are blessed in ways that the mind cannot conceive.

Do not demand abundance or money. It will be poured to you when you respect and understand the universal language of flow. 

"Money is Energy, Money is Energy, I repeat Money is Energy"

The more you focus on, the more you will create. If your mind is coming from a place of 'lack' then that is what you will get more of. 

What is your mind saying to you? Listen...

* I can't afford it

*I have no money

* I am poor

*I am always struggling

*I never have enough

* I only just make ends meet

* Life is so hard

What is your mind saying to you? Piece the pieces of the puzzle together and see what your mind is telling you ... this is the energy that is creating your reality. 

I am here to pour abundance to you, but you must change your thinking. Serve with love, open your hearts and give. Have faith and trust and know in your heart that there is abundance all around you. Let go of the ego that competes, creates walls, one up man-ship, and class differences.

See all with love, that is the real test of Abundance, when you can embrace all with love and give to all from your heart, then the flow is there for you. 

The flow is there for you if you wish it to be, the abundance is there for you if you want it to be. We ask you to learn your lessons so that we can send it to you quickly.

Abundance is a state of mind, change the mind so that abundance can flow to you. We live in an abundant universe, so remember this in your daily activities. Flow with us so that we can flow with you.

See beauty in all things, see the abundance all around you. Open your eyes and look. Many are caught up in the material world... 'Me, me, me'. How much can you consume? How much can you have? Learn to share the love, learn to care, learn to love, learn to know that abundance can be shared to multiply. Give from your heart and watch the flow. Money is a small part of abundance, money must flow.

"Give and let go, Give and let go, Give and let go"

These words I repeat to help you understand.

Be grateful for your health, your heart that beats like a drum, your eyes that see, your nose that smells, your mouth that tastes. Be grateful for your family, your friendships, for the parks, the forests, the trees, the lakes, and for the seas. Be grateful for the sunrise, the sunset, the moon, the stars that twinkle in the night sky, a roof over your head, your breath, a smile, a hug, a gentle tender kiss...

Strip it all back and really see abundance with new eyes. Stop moaning and groaning and become aware of the energy of your words and your thoughts. Sit with them and then imagine abundance all around you. Your energy will create what you desire. Trust and have faith. Believe in abundance and most definitely "let go". 

When you start feeling rich on the inside, it will show itself outside of you too. This is the cosmic law of abundance and flow.

Abundance is all around you. Be sure to look, and notice. Abundance is energy and energy must flow.

Blessings dear ones, may abundance be with you.