The Importance of Creative Expression by Saraswati -The Goddess of Creative Arts - Channelled by Neelam Minocha

Sacred Dance, Creative Expression, is our birthright. Dance, sing, laugh, play, speak , write, drum, engage in shamanic rituals, music that ignites your soul, your passions, your desires and your creativity.

Stop playing on your computers and your mobile phones as it is suppressing your creative energy. Did you know that our very essence is to create. We were born to create, express and experience joy.

Humanity has got so caught up busily using the left-brain instead of the right. The left is limited and full of ego and separation and will only take you so far. The right on the other hand is limitless and will open up the entire universe for you…. Magic, connection, flow, synchronicity, intuition, joy, soul fulfilment, soul alignment, multidimensionality, soul expression, purpose and mission, service and soul liberation. So much lies here. The seat of your creativity, the seeds of your enlightenment to reach higher planes of existence. 

Explore dear ones, be curious, find ways to express your truth and authenticity, align yourselves with your right brain, your creative flare.

Let your children play. Take away the gadgets, and the computer games that stifle and stagnate their brains. Get them outdoors, engaging, creating, interacting in natural ways. They are the future leaders of tomorrow. Let them express and create new ideas. Let them be the dreamers, the artists, the visionaries, the musicians, the public speakers of the future. They are the pioneers of the New Earth. Let them be free.

I promise you, plant your creative seeds and they will take you very far indeed.

Express from your soul dear ones, activate your creative flare and your fire. Bring back the ancient knowledge and wisdom that lies dormant within your being. As you awaken these fires will start to burn your passions into reality and your soul will begin to remember the ancient ways, and this will lead you to your soul liberation and freedom.

Sacred Sexuality, Tantra, Sacred Dance, Sacred Mantra, Drumming will help to awaken this fire. Open your Sacral Chakra and let that fire burn bright. Engage in energy work, kundalini movement, crystals, there are so many tools to help you. Meditate and you will be guided as to which path to take.

It all starts with a seed, a desire, an idea, a dream. Let it flourish into something beautiful, the real expression of your soul. Your unique soul gifts, every being has their own unique soul gifts. Explore yourselves and your creative fire.

Passion, desire, creativity is the essence of our spiritual existence.

Play children play.

Blessings, peace and love, Om shanty.