Spiritual Enlightenment - Gautama Buddha Channelled by Neelam Minocha

Spiritual enlightenment in its essence is like a flower waiting to unfurl.

It has the power to transcend ego, judgement and separation.
It has the power to diminish division,
It has the power to remove barriers,
It has the ability to take one to higher planes of existence.

Do you know how powerful you are?
Do you know once you transcend your ego you are a pure being of light.

Judgment cuts the flow of love,
Criticism sabotages our experience,
Blame creates enemies and not allies,
Separation divides us, it does not unite.

Hush dear ones. Go within ... draw your energy into your heart and breathe.
See a light inside your heart and let its warmth circulate all through your being.

Quieten your mind, it is like a child demanding attention, having a tantrum. It will stop once you stop giving it that attention. 

Go into your heart and realise who you are. You, me, source, light, air, water, fire, earth we are all one in essence don't you see. We are all energy... and energy must flow... 

We are love in our core, we are light in our being, we come to earth to experience limitation, pain, separation and emotion, but we are not our experience... We are the ones having the experience. 

We are not our emotions... We are the ones experiencing our emotions. Our human body separates us ... Remove the body and we merge into oneness. 
Remove the walls around your heart and know that you can be loved in abundance.

Remove the thinking of scarcity and lack and know that the universe is full, is abundant and that scarcity is your mind playing tricks on you.

Give without expectation. Give without 'thinking' what can i get out of this. This is ego. Go further, go deeper. Give because you want to give.. See how your heart expands into fullness when you give with love and kindness to another. 

All humans want love, connection, to be seen for who they are. To be understood... Many of you hide behind your masks pretending to have fun when inside you suffer... Face those emotions so that you can move beyond them and have a different experience.
You create your experience so what do you want more of ? Ask .. Send your intentions to the universe and let go. It will come in ways you may never expect. The mind has a very limited scope. This work is beyond the mind. Trust is what we ask of you. Faith is what will bring it to you. 

Enlightenment is not out there... It can be yours in a moment... If you wish it to be. 

Self realisation is knowing the self.. Your roots, your mission, your truth of why you are here. Explore yourself ... Your soul, and you will be amazed at what you find.

The world is beautiful if you see it through love filled eyes. The world is abundant if you share the love. There is plenty and more for all ... If you believe.

Blessings and love,
Buddha 🙏