Today I want to talk about Cancer. I wanted to speak about this subject two years ago, but I didn’t feel people were ready to look at cancer from another viewpoint. Social Media now enables information to be filtered through faster and is helping raise awareness and bring through light rather than being fed by what the media tells us, and what the big advertising campaigns feed our brains using powerful repetitive words, which the brain then ends up believing.

I get really angry when I hear ads like “Cancer we are coming to get you”, “Cancer you are a monster”, “ Cancer we will fight you till the bitter end”

I ask you this…

Has fire ever been stopped with fire?
Has war ever been stopped with more fighting and ammunition?
How do we make peace with another soul… by becoming an “enemy” or by forgiveness, love and compassion?
How do we overcome our fears? By facing up to them and empowering ourselves, or by remaining small and fearful?

I watched my mother in law wither away with ovarian cancer over the period of 14 years. I cared for her through her aggressive Chemo treatments and Radiotherapy that made her sick to the core. I watched her cry in her pain yet put a brave face on for the world. I saw it all… I do not speak of this without experience… I observed the triggers, the emotions, and her story to really understand what was going on at a deeper cellular level. Every time the cancer was removed, it just appeared somewhere else, more aggressive and eventually it took her life.

We will NEVER beat cancer if we treat it as an enemy, if we fight it, and if we live in fear of it. More and more people will continue to die just because they are not aware of other methods of healing their conditions.

I’m tired of hearing it, and so I am now speaking out.

At the very core of our being we are energy. Our body is made up of the emotional, the energetic, the mental and the physical body. In our western world, the focus is on the physical body… waiting for the illness to manifest and then trying to cut it out or manage it with medication. ie Anti-depressants for depression, blood pressure tablets for blood pressure, insulin for diabetes, radio-therapy/ chemo for Cancer etc.
The Eastern World however understands that you must work with the life force energy (chi or prana) to heal physical, emotional and mental conditions in the body.

99% of dis-ease in the body is a stagnation and blockage of energy, of emotional (energy in motion) trauma, which then manifests into a physical condition, presenting itself as an illness or dis-ease. It is the body’s way of giving us a warning… that there is energy trapped there… look at it. But we do not understand, and we go and get medication and numb the pain. The emotions are still there brewing away under the surface, we have not actually got rid of the problem, just suppressed it.

We hear of spontaneous healing everyday, or cancer dissolving completely in days(Brandon Bays, Anita Moorjani, Louise Hay)The ad companies don’t advertise the holistic practices that actually work, instead they continue to fight cancer from the outside in with aggressive treatments.

I am an Energy Healer and EFT Practitioner and I work with my clients every day healing and releasing emotional wounds in their cellular memories. Clearing up the traumas so that they do not manifest into a physical condition. We carry emotions from childhood and past lives into this lifetime. When I connect with a person at an energetic level, I will be shown the traumas, the repressed emotions and the lifetimes from where it is still stored in the cellular memories, and that is where we start working on healing the trauma, I have seen repressed emotions playing out in so many situations in peoples lives. Once we clear the memory and heal at the ‘root’ a connection is made between the brain, the physical body and the emotional and energetic body, which then enables the body to release the trauma. Once the trauma has been released from the cellular memories, the new cells produced by the body will not carry the trauma forward, and the body can start to heal itself.

If we do not take a weed out from the root, it will always re-grow. You can trim it and cut it down as much as you like, but if you do not remove the root you will never remove the weed. The same applies to disease.
I work with my clients from the root. We work from the inside out and not from the outside in. It is the only way for the body to truly heal and make peace with its past.

Cancer does not know it is your “enemy” in your body. It is a manifestation of trapped, repressed thoughts and emotions that have created it. We create the illness ourselves, by not addressing the emotions. Then we spend all our energy fighting and managing the illness. The words we use to speak to our bodies not only have the power to create but also the power to destroy. Your cells are listening to every word you say. Are you speaking to them with love or hate?

My wish is for any of those souls who may be suffering from this illness or any illness to look at alternatives too to compliment their treatments… energy healing, sound healing, EFT (Tapping), love, forgiveness, hypnosis and past life regression, meditation, yoga, plant based diet, cannabis oil etc. Look at holistic approaches that work from the inside out. Heal your core and your energetic body, and your physical body will heal itself. We do not give our bodies enough credit as they are so intelligent. They are warning us but we do not listen. We do not value enough these holistic approaches to healing in our western world, and so we continue to suffer with stress, illness and pain. It’s time for change.

I could not help my mother-in-law as I did not understand at that time, I had to see her journey through till the end to fully understand what was going on at a deeper level. I now help my clients every day heal their wounds and bring light for others. I have devoted my life since her death to being of service to others, helping individuals release their emotional fears, pain, sadness anger and deep seated emotional wounds so that they do not have to deal with such debilitating illnesses. Why do we wait till dis-ease shows up in the physical body, why do we not prevent from the onset. We can choose to think differently. We always have a choice.

I know mum is smiling and looking down with love. My work will continue to heal her soul and the souls of many others – to bring back their joy, the sparkle in their eyes and the peace in their hearts. RIP MUM 💖💕💖