EU Referendum - from an Energy Perspective

On Friday 24th June 2016, the UK Referendum results created a huge stir in society and sent shock waves through the nation. A decision that many were not expecting, and the energy of grief and sadness was felt deeply by many. The weather was also reflecting the moods of the people with so many thunder storms leading up to the referendum. Everything is connected. What we feel individually, what we feel collectively affects everything around us including the weather.

People are still coming to terms with what happened. I am going to try and explain things from an 'energetic perspective' so that you are able to evaluate from a deeper viewpoint of what is happening here on Earth and why, so that you are able to step back from the media fears and the newspaper headlines and observe this from a planetary perspective, and why this needs to happen now.

2016 energetically was predicted the year of change. The year of 'letting go' of things that are holding us back, releasing old patterns of behaviour and old programmings from our energetic fields to embrace and value our true selves and our inner truth. A realignment for our highest good. I have talked a lot about letting go, clearing karmic patterns and a real cleansing in our lives over this year in my previous emails.

This is also happening collectively. A cleansing, clearing out and realignment as a collective.

We always knew that change was coming but we did not know how this change would present itself.

What is happening on the planet now is a mass awakening of humanity. This is all part of the big shake up, wake up and clean up energetically. Waking humanity up to the lies, deceit, manipulation and misconceptions that are now being exposed through this process. This referendum has highlighted the divide between people, it has reflected how unhappy and fed up people are, it has also highlighted how we have been following like sheep.

Everything will be exposed through this shake up, it will send ripples throughout the nation and the world. The whole world is watching to see how this unfolds.

We are entering a new paradigm and a new era, a new earth is desperately wanting to be birthed. In order to do that the current system has to be dismantled in order for a new system to be put in place. A more authentic and truthful one, with more authentic and truthful people who actually fully represent the people and their needs.

Earth now needs to evolve. There are many Higher Beings watching and waiting. We are not doing a very good job and they are helping us now towards a higher unity conscious state and that is where we are ultimately heading. As a planet we are holding many other planets back from moving to an even higher vibration. Just like we cannot leave anyone behind through this evolution, the Universe cannot leave Earth behind either, and they need us to wake up and evolve now.

As chaotic and confusing change is, all change however is good. Through confusion comes clarity, and yes it is going to be rocky for a while, but if you can step back and look at the bigger picture of what is actually happening here, it will help you stay centred and look at it from a wider perspective.

We have all chosen to be here through this shift... 'The Golden Age'. There are many lightworkers who have come to help the planet ascend. These souls will be finding their voices through this process and will be awakening and remembering why they came. Deep memories will be stirring and people will be stepping into their roles to unite, to speak and to bring people together using their individual skills.

Through this shift, I will channel guidance from Higher Beings to help you understand and keep you centred through this mass awakening and through this shift.

Do not be fearful, as it will only attract more fear into your lives. Stay centred and have faith and trust. The Solstice Energy this year is all about transmutation and the burning of old energy, karmic clearing and something new being birthed. The Solstice energy is also asking all lightworkers to come out of hiding now and remember why they came.

A channelling I recorded a few weeks ago before the Solstice and EU Referendum has some very important messages for lighworkers. I am attaching the link below. Listen to it and find your strength to ask yourselves why you have come, and how you can make a difference. We are the change we have been waiting for, and each one of us has a responsibility to bring that change forth in whatever way we can. Each one of us has the power to make a difference.

Solstice Energy Transmission Recording:

I hope I have shed some light and you can reflect and embrace the bigger picture of what is taking place here. Please keep the faith, as it will all come good in the long run. It may get messy for a while, but we are birthing something very new here on earth that has never been birthed before. Change is never easy, but it is necessary for us now. We need to evolve as a planet.