The Concept of Time

The Concept of Time

I would like you to imagine a life beyond time. Imagine what that would be like… there would be no rushing around trying to get from A to B. There would be no road rage... people no longer cutting each other up on the roads to get somewhere at a certain time. There would be no more waiting around at home for deliveries. Parents would not stress about getting to school in time to pick their kids up…There would be no restriction, no deadlines, no pressure. Imagine our bodies without stress as ‘time keeping’ creates so much stress in the body and our organs, our cells and our energy levels suffer as a result of this.


Energy Transmissions go beyond the concept of time.

When I run my energy transmissions, I normally start around 8pm.  The people connecting in remotely begin their transmission at exactly 8pm. Those that are present with me at the venue.. we are often delayed because of sharing information, chatting etc, so I tend to start a little later because I know that time does not exist in this space and it doesn’t matter what time I start as everyone will receive the full transmission, so I do not put pressure on myself.

People often say to me can I do the transmission later around 11pm as I cannot do it at 8pm… my answer is always YES. People say to me can I do it earlier around 6pm (that is 2 hours before the actual transmission) I say YES! Of course)

People often ask me will I feel or get the same benefits as those that are attending… My answer YES! Most definitely.

Another question I get asked … If I am on the other side of the world will it still be as powerful for me… YES! Why… because we are working in another reality in a vibration that is beyond the concept of time and space, and where everything is possible. The experiences that people share with me of their journeys are always so very beautiful, and I am left in awe of the magic and beauty of this reality.

The concept of time and space is a concept and limitation of 3rd Dimensional reality. We feel bound and restricted by time, we are always checking the time on our watches, our mobile phones… we run our lives around time, but as we ascend as a planet and individually into 5th Dimensional space we will get to experience a world that is beyond time and space. A space where you can time travel in the blink of an eye and be in a different country, or you can be in three different places all at once. How exciting would that be!

Imagine not having to wait around at bus stops, train stations, traffic jams, airports ... no longer having to travel on long haul flights to get to places. It would be like back to the future!!


When I take people on a past life journey in my transmissions… we go back lifetimes and people see who they were, what they were doing…what they experienced. We travel back in time to years like 300 AD, 1100…1700’s. We even go back to the beginning of our journey on Earth… to the year 0000! In one transmission a lady saw herself at the very beginning of her earthly existence on earth...She saw herself as a sparkle of light, a sparkle of energy!! How beautiful, as that is what we are beyond our physical body. We ARE a sparkle of energy, we are a ball of light that has come from the cosmos.

When I fast forward 10 years, 20 years in the transmission, within a blink of an eyelid their lives have fast forwarded through time and they see what they were doing, who they are, what they were experiencing 20 years on… some find themselves in the next lifetime as in between that time they had died and left their physical body, and then been reincarnated 20 years on from the time we were looking at. All our memories are in our subconscious mind. Everything is in our subconscious and we can access it all…when we take ourselves into a deeper state. There is no limitation of how far we can go, because in that moment everything is happening NOW, and so everything .... all timelines are available to us.

Fascinating hey….

We live in 3D reality where time is linear so everything is perceived as past, present and future. We are now ascending as a planet to a space where time will no longer be linear and where everything will be happening at this very moment. Why… because there will be no time or space to restrict us and there would be no limitation.

I love going beyond the concept of limitation, rules and restriction that confines our souls. We are so much more, and as we continue to raise our vibration we will get to see, feel and experience other realities in our lives too… 5th dimensional living… how amazing would that be.

Food for thought, food for expansion and one to inspire you to keep raising your vibration so that you get the opportunity to have this experience in your lifetime.