The Energy of Unconditional Love by Neelam Minocha

What is the one thing that connects us all?

Judgment cuts the flow of love,

Criticism sabotages our experiences

Blame creates enemies and not allies

Fear traps us …  it does not set us free

What is it that we all yearn for from each other? What is it that we yearn for from ourselves?

What is it that binds us as one?

What is it that removes separation, competition, judgment, lack, frustration, anger, sadness … what is it that we all seek?

It is love

It is love

It is love…

If I were to tell you that beautiful bird that you see on that branch of that tree is a reflection of you… what would you say? Beautiful…

If I told you that stunning sunset in the evening sky is a part of you… what would you say? Wow! Stunning!

If I were to say you are the ocean, the mountains, the lakes and the trees. You are the sunset and the sunrise and the birds and the bees ..what would you say?

Is it possible that you could be these things? You may say to yourselves, how can I be these things.. they are beautiful. We do not see this beauty in ourselves, we forget that we are all different forms of the divine in physical expression playing out different roles, and wearing different masks. Strip it all back and there is only love, purity and peace.

Love is the driving force that brought us here – to find again in the maze, the fog, the illusion of life. We came to find the love. We searched and we seek'd and we lost our way, we looked high and we looked low … we looked everywhere out there, but we forgot to in here… inside. It was hiding there all along, our joy, our peace, our power, our love. It was within all along.

You may seek happiness, and love in another, and it will bring you joy, but the ultimate joy and peace comes from in here, when we accept ourselves once more, when we love ourselves once more, and when we can look in the mirror and see the divine smiling and looking back at us. When we can see the light.

We came here to find love. We came to experience pain, separation, heart ache, and loss to ultimately  help us remember that it is love that heals all.

If there is no fear, there is only love, joy, expansion in all ways. Love sets us free.

We forget when we come here and we get stuck in our stories, in our pain, in the race of the ego mind. We get trapped in own stories and scripts and we forget the one thing that will take us home and bring us back to our truth and our light.

 It is LOVE

So this evening I am going to connect you back to your beautiful hearts Underneath all our wounds, pain, sadness and anger there is only love. Let us remember.

The only way we can share this love with others is if we have remembered it ourselves. Its time to receive and fill your being, every cell, every organ and energy centre with unconditional love.

This space will be held for you to lighten your load, to surrender in all ways and receive. It is ok to receive and focus on yourself… It is not selfish.

Transparency in all ways heals the soul. Loving with an open heart frees our soul.

How often do we say to ourselves “I Love you?” How often do we say to our pain “I hear you”, How often do we say to our emotions – “I sit with you, I process you, I give you freedom to release and be understood.”

How often do we sit and stop and focus within. Create balance and we grow.

Sometimes we are afraid of love, of opening our heart. Old wounds surface where we were hurt, abandoned, left without answers. Sometimes it hurts to open our heart … to trust and feel those old wounds. Let them come up, face them so that you can be free.

In fear we withdraw and become small, we hide we hurt.

In love we expand, we grow, we open and we heal.

Love is the most powerful healer of all. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Let us breathe and bathe in this energy that says to every cell in our being “I am love, I am love, I am love”

The energy of unconditional love will heal and dissolve your pain, will heal and dissolve your problems, and will heal and dissolve your fears.

Need does not set us free, it is conditional, only love does. Unconditional love.

When there are conditions, there is expectation, disappointment, frustration.

Unconditional love lifts our vibration. Unconditional Love asks for nothing in return.

It releases illness and disease from the body

It heals the soul. We are born with love, and fear is what we learn.

Let us remember and fill ourselves with this love that is bountiful, beautiful, abundant in all ways. Overwhelming, nurturing, nourishing. Let us taste this love so that we never retreat to need. Let us remember….