Emotion - The Importance of Tears and Emotional Release


Emotion - The importance of tears... crying and honouring our emotions

It’s been a very intense week of release for many with the full moon and equinox gateway... and emotions have been running high.. be it sadness... fear... anger.. anxiety.

Our emotions are very important indicators of what is buried within us. We carry emotions that become locked into our energy field over lifetimes... and everytime we are triggered those emotions come to the surface wanting expression.

The importance of emotion is to feel it... sit with it... ask questions of ourselves as to why we are feeling this... and the most important thing is to give them permission for release. They teach us where we need balance in our lives.

Very often I hear clients saying ‘I don’t cry’ ‘I don’t want to be weak’ ‘I can’t deal with this right now’ ‘I need to be strong’ ... and so we bury these emotions deep within and never give them permission to surface. This eventually builds up and can affect our physical body and our mental health... the emotion has to go somewhere....

Children and babies show us that by crying they release and then they are happy again... children teach us so much but as adults we forget... we try and control our emotions.

It is important to cry... it’s a release... it’s healing and it allows us to accept where we are and let go.

Remember to honour your emotions as they are our teachers of our human experience... they help us learn and grow and bring balance into our lives.❤️