Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - 27th July - A Time For Massive Soul Growth and Transformation 



I am sure you all have been feeling the intensity of the new moon partial eclipse since July 12/13th. There was lots of sadness rising to the surface in the collective field and lots of fear too held in the root chakra. Many may be feeling dizzy spells, experiencing headaches, body aches, lower back issues, bloating in the stomach and feeling extremely tired and emotional or having vivid dreams.

Many are being forced to stop and be grounded so that they can receive the incoming transformational energies and downloads that are being sent to us. If we are constantly running we cannot fully integrate the energies. Nature is a great way to ground, fresh air, meditation, yoga or gentle exercise and lots of fluids.

We are now heading for a full blown.. full moon lunar eclipse on Friday 27th July. Brace yourselves!! Get ready to shine a huge floodlight on all the hidden shadow aspects of our lives and all that has been buried, deeply suppressed and hidden now rising to be examined.

During eclipses our emotions are amplified, life situations are amplified... chaos and suffering is amplified to show us where we need to make changes in our lives to align our soul to its highest calling.

This July is a monumental time for releasing the old, for closure and letting go of anything that weighs us down so that the new energies and opportunities can enter our lives with ease.

Full Moons naturally bring our emotions to the surface and we can feel quite emotional during these times. Many do not understand just how much the planets affect us. It is so important to connect the two ... we are the Universe in physical expression and deeply connected to all things great and small.

If situations are highlighted to you during this time ... it’s the universe’s way of trying to help you grow and move beyond repeating patterns that keep playing out in your life.

Look at these times as massive opportunities for soul growth and deeper reflection of what is personally rising to the surface for you... negative patterns, limiting belief programs and situations that you may need to understand at a deeper level.

Also observe your emotions too and ask yourselves why these emotions are coming up for you. The answers are within us, but we must be still and slow down and reflect... it is only through observation and reflection can we then take action to change our lives and move towards alignment of our inner truth and joy.

Use these times to propel yourselves to new heights and new opportunities, to success and joy.

Be gentle with yourselves, rest if you are being forced to slow down and become the observer of what is arising within you.

We live in transformational times here on Earth and the planets and the Universe are assisting us in stepping beyond fear and limitation, out of our comfort zones to reach new heights and experience our fullest potential in life.

Embrace the blessings these eclipses bring.