Mass Awakening on the Planet - The shift is in full swing πŸ’«


Mass Awakening on the Planet - The shift is in full swing πŸ’«

I am sure many have been feeling the energies intensified and quickening this last week. I have been sensing for a while a mass awakening through October... and last week when I was doing a client’s session... I was shown a vision ... thousands upon thousands of people coming out of the fog of illusion... feeling incredibly lost... confused ... everything that they once knew and believed no longer feeling like it fits... they were looking for lanterns and those who hold the light to guide them.

Lightworkers... it is time... if you are still doubting your abilities... please don’t. You are all needed to shine bright. Whatever you know will help another... your skills are needed now more than ever... we are all needed to shine our unique light through this shift.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else just trust what wants to come through you. You came for this time ... you came to shine bright.

Be a lantern... come out of hiding... put yourself out there...make yourself visible as thousands upon thousands will be reaching and searching for the light, for truth and for guidance.

The awakening process can be painful.. confusing but hugely liberating as we realise our internal unique powers and limitless potential. Help others as they awaken to use their intuitive gifts and guide them to their truth. Xxxx

Love you all πŸ’«β€οΈπŸ’«