The Importance of Human Touch and the Healing Effects of Hugging


Do you make time in your day for hugs? Do you hug openly or hold back? Do you wish to hug others more but feel it may be seen as inappropriate?

Do we really understand how powerful the healing effects of hugging are for a human being?

Human touch is the most basic form of communication and is essential for life. A mother bonds with her new born baby through touch, a new born baby animal is licked into life by its mother.

Without touch we deteriorate, form illness in the body, feel alone and isolated, we shrivel up and become withdrawn.

We were born to touch, love, hug. It is our natural way...We thrive when we are hugged. It lifts our vibration, makes us feel comforted, safe, warm, held and loved. We are tactile creatures, so being starved of touch is the ultimate isolation.

Hugs have a language of their own... no need for words... 
Hugs are healing,
Hugs make us smile,
Hugs lift our energy,
Hugs open our hearts and connect us on a deeper level,
Hugs are powerful, 
Hugs are a natural medicine,
Hugs dissolve anger and sadness,
Hugs are soothing, 
Children need lots of hugs as it makes them more confident, secure and they flourish in life.

Remember to hug more.... it is our natural state. We were born to love and hug one another. 💖