Our Body is Like a River - Keep it Flowing


Our Body is Like a River - Keep it Flowing

A river is in continual flow. If a river stagnates, the water starts to smell and things start to grow in, on and around it. A flowing river doesn’t stagnate, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t become dis-eased.

If we think of our bodies like a river - we are 70% water. When the water in our body flows, our lives flow. When the water in our body stagnates, we start to see issues in the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. Water carries memory too, so we hold onto emotions from the past, we hold onto stress and destructive thoughts, and eventually we see these come through to the physical body.

It is essential for our good health and wellbeing to keep our energy body clear and flowing through our chakras, keep our emotional body clear by letting go and flowing with life, and keeping our mental body calm.

As we let go and flow with life, we keep our inner world flowing like a river, and we are less likely to stagnate and create illness and dis-ease in our body. 

Remember to keep your inner river flowing and moving as this is key to good health and wellbeing.