November Energy Update and 11/11 Gateway


I just wanted to give you an energy update for November and share what I am seeing, sensing and feeling from this months energy.

November is a very special month as we have so many 11's lining up this month. 1st of November was a 111 day and a portal was opened for manifestation, abundance and focused intention on what we wish to create in the world. The year of 2018 is also a very special year as it adds up to the number 11. This is an extremely powerful time for transformation and alignment with our true self. The next big day is on Sunday 11th November.

This is a time of greater clarity, downloads, messages in dreams, integration in the physical body of new light codes that will open up gateways of new exploration for us. As you open up to receiving the light... your soul will be blessed with what it is ready to receive. The intention you put out will help you manifest it into your life.

November is also the month of passion, creativity and being intimate with ourselves, our truth and asking those deeper questions of what we desire and what we are truly passionate about.

It is a month for introspection and reflection, making space to balance doing with being so that we can make space to receive insights, listen to our truth and soul’s calling. Take some time out this month as the energies are hugely amplified and as we head into the darker months and watch the leaves falling from the trees leaving them bare, we too expose our inner truths, our shadow and go even deeper within to align, balance and connect with our soul.

The big message this month has been to slow down and meditate. Connection, silence and space to receive those intuitive messages that are coming from our guides.

Many may be feeling in a strange space of 'nothingness' where you are feeling no movement, no motivation ... just surrender to this space as that is exactly where you are needing to be as I sense lots of new energy, new ways of doing things and new ideas on their way. It is in the stillness that we hear. It is in the slowing down that we integrate.

Please be gentle and kind to yourselves during this time, as the other big message that came through was the need for self love and nurturing. Listening to our bodies, listening to what we need and not forcing things to happen, but stepping back and taking some time for nourishing the soul, sleeping, resting, healthy eating, juicing and anything else that is calling to you.

What I also feel rising in the collective is fire energy... orange..yellow... as this fire energy rises it can feel like anger and unexpressed desires and passions... they are coming up for expression, acceptance and release. I will be working with these energies in our next healing meditation.



Here is a meditation that I recorded a while back that will help you connect to the 11/11 gateway. It is 11:11 minutes long and was completely channelled to create a powerful connection to receive the incoming energies of the 11/11/11 gateway. I highly recommend doing this on the 11th at 11:11am or 11:11pm.

Meditation and connection will be a great way to connect and receive the powerful energies on that day.