December 2018 Energy Update - Moving Towards Lightness and Joy


Hello beautiful soul family,

Wow!! Can you believe that we are just about to enter the very last month of December. What a year it has been. It's been fast, intense, confusing for many, pushing everyone out of their comfort zones to reach deeper, to heal, to take the next step into the unknown, listening more and more to our inner navigation system and inner truth. Messages, repeating numbers and signs, synchronicities heightened to help us take the next steps along our journey.

As I sum up the year it has been a year of transformation and alignment. We have been called to align on all levels of the mind, the body and the spirit. Called to create balance in our lives, and also declutter and simplify our lives and let go of what no longer serves our truth.

As we go through transformation, we are constantly changing, upgrading, evolving and raising our vibration. This will bring up a change in our environment too and we will feel called to let go of things and people that no longer feel aligned with our journey. As we simplify our lives, we can let go of the heaviness and lighten our load.

The journey is about lightness and joy and this is what we are moving towards, so trust in divine detours and things coming to a close as something new and something more aligned and beautiful is on its way to you. Have faith and trust and surrender to forces that are trying to guide you towards a new chapter in your lives.

The big theme that came up in November was childhood wounds, fears and insecurities being triggered as we are pushed out of our comfort zones... releasing and healing the inner child. The energy was asking us to be more loving towards ourselves, to speak kindly towards ourselves, and to be gentle and patient with ourselves as we take those important steps forward towards our truth and our calling. Stepping into new territory and the unknown.

It has been a painful time of letting for many as your energy changes others will either grow and go with you, or they will drop away and leave your field. This theme is very strong going into December as we close and clear and declutter on every level, and as mercury retrograde continues we are asked to revisit and reflect on past relationships and ask ourselves if they are really serving us. Are we ready to move forward to the next chapter of our lives, lighter and freer?

Also as thousands upon thousands awaken on the planet, we will see a lot of chaos as old structures are dismantled, and those of us who have experienced the awakening journey know how confusing it can be, and its really interesting because around this time I get a huge influx of people seeking guidance and healing as Christmas draws closer and insecurities and emotions are triggered and amplified for many. The theme that comes up so strongly around this time is feeling alone, feeling isolated, and lost.

This is a time to extend our arms to those in need and also to have gratitude for how far we have come on our journey's as we can help so many through our learnings and experience.

We have been reminded continually this year areas of our lives where we are not showing up and honouring ourselves. It could be in your spiritual connection, or having to face emotions you may have avoided in the past, or facing your thoughts and becoming aware of how loud the chatter is in the mind... and actually wanting to do something about it. It could be your physical body demanding your attention now and crying out for love. You will know which area is asking for alignment and these areas cannot be overlooked or avoided any longer. They are gifts from the Universe to assist us in aligning on all levels of the mind, body and spirit.

As we come to the final month of December what do we wish to create in 2019... there are inklings of ideas floating into our vision. Messages are coming in... moments of inspiration and those 'aha' moments. What have you always desired and dreamed of the energy for manifestation is ripe and we can accomplish those dreams if we believe.