The Energy Of 2018 - The Year Of The Butterfly


This year of 2018 already is feeling like a year of opportunity. Time to use our wings to fly. The year of the butterfly. When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it can no longer hide away. It has a richness of colour and beauty which is meant to be seen ... it's beauty is meant to shine. A butterfly was born to fly.

This goes for all of us, if you have been hiding your gifts in the cupboard and not really giving yourselves permission to follow your joy and come out and shine, then now is your time. This is the year that you get to show off your gifts and come out of hiding.

Ask yourselves what intentions you will be setting for yourselves. Ask yourselves if you are happy going in the direction you are going for the next 9 years. If not, now is the time to make those changes. Your life flows where your energy goes. Where does your energy want to go?

2018 many souls will start to believe in their soul gifts and step into their empowerment. Opening the heart chakra and third eye. We have so much support from our spirit guides and angels, it's about trusting the messages that come through and taking action.

2018 is about moving into our heart space, moving into empowerment, having more compassion for one another. As the energy and vibration on earth continues to ascend, more and more souls will be awakening and asking questions, reflecting, searching, wanting their own freedom, and seeking like minded souls who bring out the best in them and moving away from ones who make them feel small and insecure.

As we open our hearts, the energy of love will spread, more lights will be switched on, and there will be more unity based projects happening in the world. More charity work, seeing all people around the globe through the eyes of love and compassion and wishing to help others. There is so much change that is coming but it is all good.

Old systems will continue to crumble as more and more people will be able to see through the deception and control and fear based tactics. More and more high vibrational children are coming onto our planet each and every day. Many of them connect with me in my dreams ... they let me know that they are on their way and to keep an eye on them on this earth plane. I have many beautiful children flooding to me every day who need support and guidance as they struggle under the current system.

I see more care for the environment. Using solar energy, and recycling of goods. I see people caring for one another. I see abundance coming in all ways and that makes my heart sing with joy. I see beautiful things ahead of us. Realignment will continue to take place and souls will continue to learn their soul lessons, but there will be so many resources for them to be supported on their journey of growth as more and more individuals step out and express their beautiful gifts to share with the world.

Wishing you all lots of joy, passion, abundant love and manifestation on your magical journey.

The journey begins with you, the magic starts when you say YES to life.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our magical events.  

Love and blessings. 

Neelam xxxxx