September 2019 Full Moon and Autumn Equinox


Friday 13th September

In the early hours we had a beautiful Full Moon,

How amazing that the September Harvest Moon falls on Friday 13th!! Friday was actually named after the Goddess Freyja. She is the goddess of fertility, celebration, and passion. Freyja is depicted as riding on her chariot pulled by wild cats across the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth.

She reminds us to unleash our adventurous side at this time and take risks and be daring. She says that playing it safe and staying in our comfort zone is not the energy of now... the time now is to step out into the unknown and listen to our hearts desire and passion. Be daring, be bold and say YES to life and new adventures and new experiences.

As the full moon falls on such a powerful day it is a double dose of divine feminine energy asking us to tune into our intuition, connect with our heart and soul and step forward with grace and gratitude for life's magic. Co-creating with the higher realms to truly open our hearts to a magical and joyous life.

She says that success comes not from timidity but from committing ourselves fully to realising our dreams. Deep in our soul we know what we are here for, so by connecting with our higher self, our higher power, purpose and heart, we can start to listen for guidance and answers.

We are moving into unknown territory so navigating our lives one step at a time, but remembering to enjoy the journey and new experiences. Life is meant to be joyful, and stepping out of our comfort zone can bring up our fears and insecurities, but the message is to keep stepping forward, take a risk, dare to dream and try something new and truly manifest your dreams into reality.

September is harvest month so reaping the rewards for all our hard work and efforts in the past. I remember last year on the Autumn Equinox I was running an evening meditation event in London and just as I was packing the car to leave at 17:22 a delivery van arrived at my door with my first meditation album 'Love Heals'. Seeing the printed CD's brought me so much joy. I was so deeply grateful to the universe for such synchronicity and magic as I wasn't expecting them for another week to 10 days!

So embrace the energies of September, the energy is action orientated with focused intention and forward movement. The energies were very intense in August and there was huge purging taking place and releasing of old energy and karmic contracts. This energy lingered into early September, but today I am really feeling a shift in the air for the better. ❤️