I work with men, women, couples and children.  After an initial chat we go into the healing session. During the session the client will receive channelled guidance, healing and balancing of their energies and also a releasing from within their cellular memories of the emotions and traumas that are stored there. Depending on what is required, I use a combination of sound, crystals, shamanic rituals, and channel through many higher beings to help with the healing process, creating spinning vortexes of energy around the body to accelerate the clearing process and releasing of old stagnant energy from the body, repeating limiting belief patterns and old programs that are still playing out in their lives which they have difficulty understanding. Each session is tailored to the clients needs and so individual for everyone. Very often deceased loved ones come through to give their messages and i become a medium between my client and their loved ones. The session is full of channelled messages from the guides and higher beings who come through into the space for the healing session. It is a beautiful process and their messages are always so touching and so very beautiful.

After the session we discuss what was discovered and what we were releasing. Visions are usually shown to me metaphorically… I will either see a story playing out where there is a message in the images I see, or I will see my client in a past life, who they were, what they experienced and what trauma they have carried into this lifetime. I am very often taken back to Egyptian, Roman, Victorian, Pagan and Native American times where the trauma is held or we may find ourselves in Japan under the Great Emperor's Rule. The whole scene is shown to me and the lesson that is to be understood. If we go back to childhood, I am usually shown my client as a young person, their age and the trauma that is still affecting them to the current day. The visions vary from client to client, as everyone has a different story and a different set of emotions that they have come to process and experience in this lifetime. The more open my client is to the session, the more I am able to see.

Sometimes just the awareness this brings is enough to enable them to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of their life into place and often leads to a wake up call and an “Aha moment”. As we bring light and awareness to situations, it empowers the individual to look at their life from a different perspective. As we change our perception of our reality and raise our vibration through energy work, we attract better circumstances, situations and people into our lives.

We are energy, and by raising our frequency and vibration our life will change for the better.

I usually recommend a course of action for my clients following their session and advice about how to continue their journey of awakening.

Recording the Session

I recommend recording the healing session as so much information is shared and discussed during the session, with channelled guidance throughout.

Skype Sessions ( UK and Globally)

I offer Skype sessions to individuals all over the world. Energy work is not limited by time or space and can work through different time zones. A remote healing session is just as effective as being physically present in the room. I work with the majority of my clients overseas via Skype.

Session Time and Price :

60 minutes - £150 (In Person or Skype) 

75 minutes - £180 (In Person or Skype) 

Couples Session is - 60 minutes - £220 and 75 minutes is £244

Couple Sessions - We look at the dynamics in your relationship, issues playing out, balance of masculine and feminine energies, channeled guidance, sharing and opening of the heart. The dynamics are shown to me very clearly between the couple and where the energy needs to be directed to bring harmony and balance.