Astrology Charts and Yearly Predictions

We provide a beautiful additional service of Astrology Charts and Annual Predictions.

My father has over 50 years of  Astrological Expertise and Palmistry Knowledge and an in depth understanding of the planets, their positions and their affects on us. 

His passion for the planets and the cosmos began in his college days whilst he was studying for his engineering degree. People soon heard about his gift, and would come from near and far to have their birth charts read by him. Not only was his knowledge priceless, but the accuracy of his predictions were just incredible. The work he has done for people over his lifetime is just amazing. So selfless and humble. He gave so much time to helping others as well as following a demanding career and bringing up four children. 

During my childhood years I was always drawn to astrology and palmistry like my father. Whilst studying for my exams at school/college, I would sneak into his room and read his books. I was completely fascinated by this information about the cosmos and planets, that over time I too became my father's daughter following in his footsteps!

Service Provided:

An Astrological Chart based on date, time and place of birth

He will work out the periods for various planets

Predict the person's future based on this and advise on the positioning of the planets and the remedies needed to counteract any favourable, or unfavourable effects

Produce a yearly planetary forecast and any steps needed for improvements

 Additional service if required:

A Compatibility Chart. For this the date, time and place of birth of both the partners would be needed.