PAST LIFE REGRESSION - Working with Dolores Cannon

As a soul we have experienced thousands of lifetimes here on Earth and many other Star Systems and Dimensions. We store the memories of these lifetimes within our DNA and cellular structures. We are one soul who has experienced multi lives, and I feel it is essential to journey back to past life to discover who we were, what we did and what belief systems we have carried into this lifetime, as very often the root of any issue is carried forward into the current lifetime from a past life, and trying to understand the trauma or limiting belief means going back to discover where it comes from and what the lesson is in order to move forward in life.

Through deep guided meditation and hypnosis we travel back to those lifetimes where we can see, understand and release the trauma that is held in the cellular memories from the past. Being a healer, a channel and alchemist, I am able to see into the cellular memories, channel guidance from the guides and also use various alchemy tools to lift out the emotions as we go through the healing session and release it from the body, making the body feel lighter and helping my client understand the visions and lessons. Only those lifetimes will be shown that are relevant and hold clues and answers to what the soul wants to understand at that point in time. We have gifts and creative abilities within us that we do not even realise until we go back to past lives and understand who we were and what we were capable of. Understanding ourselves deeper and being curious takes us on a beautiful and liberating journey towards our freedom and truth.

If we do not take a weed out from the root it will always regrow no matter how many times we trim it down or cut it and very often the root is held in the cellular memories from past lives and that is where the trauma and issue needs to be released… in the root of the original wound. The wound has to be opened so that it can weep and dry out. This is done in a deeply held and loving space.

It is a beautiful journey and exciting to find out beyond our human identity in this lifetime who we have been and what we have inside of us.

Session time and Price : 1.5 Hours - £180 (In Person or Skype)