Quantum Alchemy - DNA Re-Patterning and Reprogramming of Core Beliefs

Working with Nikola Tesla, Dr Emoto, Albert Einstein and Dolores Cannon

In this session through guided meditation and visualisation, we travel deep into the spine and DNA to discover what core beliefs my client is holding within. Our core beliefs and emotional imprints get compressed and stored deep within the spine inside a "vault" and we very often find it so difficult to break free from our limiting beliefs and life patterns. Sometimes we are not even conscious of what our core beliefs are to even begin the journey of changing them, and so our core beliefs continue to dictate our lives and block us from moving forward in life. Many beliefs can be ancestral - passed on through generations, and investigating our DNA enables us to understand and re-pattern them to create a new belief system.

With my ability to see into the cellular memories and the vault where the core beliefs are stored, I can help my clients understand what beliefs they are carrying and then we can begin the journey of re-patterning and re-programming these beliefs to a higher vibration. This is done with the assistance of my clients higher self and guides and working with Nikola Tesla, Dr Emoto, Albert Einstein and Dolores Cannon from the higher dimensions. We work together as a team.

I channel high frequency tones from Tesla that are unique to the clients vibration, and use high frequency words channeled from Dr Emoto for healing within the vault, very often I will see the inner child trapped in the vault (childhood issues) which we then go on to release and set free. 

This is a very bespoke session tailored to the clients needs and this process is a very new and pioneering way of working with the energy of the body and our DNA using Sound and Light -Voice Resonance and Tones.

This incredible process has been downloaded to me from Nikola Tesla, Dr Emoto, Albert Einstein and Dolores Cannon and is an extremely beautiful, very unique and very powerful healing process, and a catalyst for fundamental change as so much deep seated emotion gets locked in, compressed and stored in the vault.

I am so grateful to these amazing and beautiful beings for downloading this technique to me as it is incredibly powerful and transformational for the client in order to free them and help them in moving forward with their lives.

Common Core Beliefs - 'I am not good enough, I am not lovable, I am not worthy, I do not deserve…

Session Time and Price : 1.5 Hours - £185 ( In Person or Skype )




Information about our DNA

Our DNA is the blueprint of our life, and exists inside each of our cells. Each DNA strand corresponds to a dimensional band of consciousness. Our DNA template is made up of 12 strands. This is representative of the 12 dimensions of consciousness. Most of Humanity is only operating on 3 or 4 strands of DNA, which only enables one to live in a state of 3rd and 4th dimensional reality. This is a very dense state and traps the soul from experiencing other realities.

The other DNA strands lie dormant, compressed and trapped by emotional imprints in the cellular memories and negative core beliefs, which dictate our lives. Once activated humanity starts to awaken, evolve from a denser state of reality to a higher state becoming more crystalline and moving towards a lighter body, which is ultimately what we are – an energy light body.

Our ultimate aim here on earth is to eventually evolve from a 3rd dimensional duality system (of separation, ego, suffering and fear) and move towards unity, love and compassion and become one with Source.

As human beings we have forgotten that we are the writers of our scripts; that we have co-created every experience we are exposed to, that we are energy and we must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

We have forgotten that we are limitless beings, we are magical manifestors, we are creative alchemists. The system keeps us trapped from believing in our own truth and power. Our stories keep us trapped in our victim mentality.

As we remove these blocks through high energy healing work, we begin to remember what we once knew, we begin to rewire our circuits, helping us access and activate our soul identities, and our avatar abilities … and yes… we ALL have these. We are multi-dimensional beings, we are just at different stages of awareness and awakening.

We are here to help you to awaken to your truth, your true potential and your beautiful multidimensional gifts and talents which lay dormant within your being.