We had an amazing 2019 summer retreat once more of heart openness, connection, deep and powerful energy work, channelled meditations, breath work and so much more. Sound and light working together to create pure magic for our participants… it was simply beyond words as we came together from different parts of the globe hearing the call to be there … strangers reuniting becoming one soul family experiencing and being in a space of pure love and acceptance … a space where everything flourishes from within, a space where we open and transform. Thank you to all our participants and volunteers for creating the magic with us xxxx

Thank you to Karryon Global Travel Magazine for their review of our summer retreat magic:



Perfectly executed and seamless! Jam packed with no pointless padding. My first retreat of this kind and loved every minute. So much love, compassion, consideration and kindness given. Neelam gives 100%. You couldn’t ask for more commitment and love from her. An amazing individual. Truly blessed to have met her.

Jeralyn - well! 100% inspiring and the most wonderful person to join the retreat. Thank you Neelam for your unconditional love, and bless you divine channel - may you continue to grow and spread love. Amen! Sue xxx

PERFECT - It surpassed everything I might have expected! I never experienced so much love, caring, compassion, loving guidance, total acceptance. Neelam, Jeralyn, Alex, Kuldeep … YOU ARE ANGELS! Hilda France.

Beautiful location, faultless organisation, powerful content. This has been a life-changing retreat. Two master alchemists coming together to create magic. Their loving support and encouragement enabled every member of the group to receive just what they needed. I am leaving feeling stronger, loved and valued, feeling I have met some new friends. I am leaving with a happy and full heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

Excellent on all levels. From transportation, to the food we were served, it was well done. What a beautiful location. The meditations led by Neelam were so beautiful. Alex took such good care of us. It was my first time. The singing bowls and Jeralyn took it to another level - all so amazing. So much love to experience and share in the space of Abbey House.

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx Pat (Germany)

Very well organised. Found a great balance between structure and flexibility which is a difficult tight rope to walk. Loved the venue here at the Abbey - great choice!

Well I came with no expectations as I had no knowledge of Neelam’s work. I dearly loved the full presence you brought to all of us at your retreat. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your encouragement to experience our own. I had too many insights to share but suffice to say your retreat has accelerated my spiritual journey in many wonderful and unexpected ways. Ivan (USA)

When I arrived, Neelam you said we would meet lifelong friends - I was sceptical, BUT I have. Your retreat, your powers have infused us all, filled us up with love, gratitude, and a sense of purpose. Jeralyn the souls of your singing bowls, your story and the soul sounds, you helped us all. It was such a profound experience and I felt a shift from this retreat. Thank you forever xxxxxxxx

It was ‘Perfect’ - truly the perfect pace, the perfect place - Alex you did the most amazing job leaving us free to absorb all that was going on. Thank you xxx Pip

Amazingly well organised, the whole time it was flowing. Jeralyn has a gift to channel the right note at the perfect moment. It sounds like a choir surrounding your ears with beauty and love. Neelam is incredible grounded yet can elevate you to the most spiritual peaceful place, full of wisdom and I encountered bliss and clearing and a shift.

Thank you both, you have my eternal gratitude. xxxx Martin

I have had a wonderfully profound time and a massive shift energetically. I have made some deep connections with all the divinely beautiful souls that came together for this trip. Thank you from the heart for providing this special gathering. Ben xxx

The retreat was incredibly well organised. We didn’t have to worry about anything. Words cannot express how I feel about the last 4 days. I came not knowing a soul, and I feel I have made beautiful deep connections with people who started off as strangers. This retreat has changed me, it has given me so much joy. I have felt so safe and loved throughout the 4 days. It’s been amazing! xxx

What can I say, go with no expectations and you will be surprised with what awaits you. The people come together for a reason and you’ll make lifelong friends. The pieces of the puzzle come together. I have left with so much love to give and receive in balance. Thank you Nilam xxx

It covered lots of areas, transmissions, meditations, sound, schedule was greatly organised, it flowed so easily, felt I had time to cover what was offered and enough breaks to download. Accommodation was perfect, worked well to eat at the Abbey. Was never hungry.

Through the processes of the weekend the pinnacle which brought it together for me was unleashing my voice at the wells. It freed me, I’m now ready to explore this amazing planet with my feet firmly here and my wings expanded to fly. Cards given resonated. Dreams I had leading up to this retreat made sense. I’m in love now with being here. Jacqui xxx

WOW!! One of the best weekends ever. Lots learnt, lots to learn, feel like I am just beginning to know myself. So well organised, not too long not too short.. too much pudding!! :))

Such a bonus, I have made some great new friends, both here and abroad. This has been such a valuable weekend and so well organised. I will now keep going with what I have learnt. Thank you looking forward to the next one. xxxxxxx Lindy

The retreat was very very well done. I want to come back again and again. I could really feel the warmth and love from Abbey House Glastonbury. I feel that I opened my heart more and healed past wounds. I couldn’t imagine a better place to be in. I was in awe everyday I came to Abbey House with the view from the grounds. It helped me connect to Gaia more.

5 stars and infinity and everything! Job well done and many more blessings to Neelam and everyone that helped you! Your hubby, Alex, Martin, Jacqui and the Staff at Abbey House. D xxx

It was an absolutely amazing retreat. Made so many new friends. I feel so relaxed and loving. Great organisation and well planned. I feel so spiritual now and feel like i will be connecting deeper and deeper. Thank you so much for inviting me for this lovely experience.

A well organised event with attention to detail. Thank you Neelam and Jeralyn. Growing spiritually and in vibration of the four days. Leaving the retreat feeling much lighter and more focused. Thank you Kuldeep and Alex for all your efforts in making the retreat so perfect. H xxx

Just perfect! The hotel was great, The Abbey House was stunning, the site visits and meditations were out of this world. A once in a lifetime experience.

These past few days have been the most magical experience, made new friends and experienced so much healing with the meditations and singing bowls, that I leave with my heart and soul completely filled with love and gratitude. Thank you for everything. xxx

Everything ran so smoothly, the space is beautiful and close to everything. The food was amazing, felt nurtured and could see that so much thought had gone into giving us all the best possible experience possible.

From getting on the bus, the feeling of joy and friendship was wonderful, by the end am feeling love from everyone who shared this experience with me. The sound bowls were the most beautiful thing I have ever heard ( and I am music mad!) At the spring and in the sound workshop a voice was drawn out of me that I didn’t know I had, and the sense of joy and wander is something I will never forget. xx Jane.

Very well organised and coordinated. Alex tried her best to time keep the group but we just loved talking to each other so much that certain events had to be kept short in order to get everything done. Sorry :))

As usual the group and who attend make any experience well worth it, without knowing or even trying my knowledge and experience brought so much out of some people in the group, this retreat has made my heart open up and my voice noticeable which is the message I constantly receive. Thank you Neelam and Alex and a special thank you to Jeralyn she enriched the retreat and I love you all! xxxxx

Absolutely lovely. Thank you for the deeply nourishing work that was conducted. I am leaving with so many tools to incorporate into my daily life that will help me to connect with my soul more deeply. Neelam holds such a deeply loving space and compassionate loving presence. The Lemurian channelling was so fascinating, plus the inner child work was a wonderful breakthrough that will undoubtedly continue to assist me in living my soul purpose.

The Abbey House is such an idyllic location with nourishing views of the gardens and Abbey. Of course the visits to the Chalice Well, Tor, Ruins enlivening. Thank you! So much love shared together.

Heather USA xxx

All the experiences that I have had are what I need to integrate. I saw the face of wisdom, the face of Jesus and more. All of these experiences are part of my spiritual journey. I felt blissful, the energy of the group has been superb. I have grown. Thank you for this AMAZING experience. Blessings Anna xxx

“Love heals, Love unites and Love is our ultimate truth” - Neelam Minocha

“Sound and Light is the medicine of the future”

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration” - Nikola Tesla

We run annual retreats taking beautiful souls to magical places where the energy of the land is so transformational. During the retreat individuals get to experience energy transmissions, sound baths, channelled meditations, group process work and kundalini yoga sessions as well as visiting all the sacred sites to connect with the energies.

A chance to completely relax, unwind and receive. Our volunteers are on hand throughout the retreat to see to all of our guests needs. The energy of our retreats is to nurture, to hold the space and bring through the beautiful loving energies to help with transformation. It is just amazing to witness how a group of complete strangers can become a beautiful family of love and connection and experience such transformation in just a few days. Love is so healing for the soul. A space to completely surrender, let go and receive in every way.


Could not have imagined a more beautiful and peaceful place for a retreat. Everything was AMAZING!!! Starting from the pick up point - Journey - Abbey House - Schedule - Meals - Activities. Everything was done to the highest standard. Thank you for your effort to make our journey so memorable.

I had no expectations, didn't really know what to expect. Now after 3 days here I am truly amazed at the transformation I made, with the divine energy that was here all the time, beautiful people, support, guidance, care, love. I have learnt so much and am very grateful for the experience. With my heart open I will continue this journey feeling very blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Peace, Love, Di xxx London

I am so impressed with the organisation of this event which ran so smoothly from participant's perspective. Everything was taken care of and there was an abundance of so much on this retreat. I am really grateful for your effort and energy that you gave in this event.

I've had a very powerful and deep experience especially in terms of healing and letting go. I've experienced realisations about myself, some of the issues that I needed to resolve and got practical knowledge and understanding on steps to take to find my path, my truth. Thank you so much for a truly healing, inspiring and full of synchronicity retreat. It was lovely to connect with so many beautiful souls.

Laura xxx London

Words almost cannot describe my thoughts and feelings. I left feeling like a family. I did not know what to expect since I have never done anything like this before. The whole experience blew me away on so many levels. This is one trip I will never forget! I'm sure you have not heard the last of me. Ha! Ha! It is only the start of something beautiful.

The retreat was very well organised. Kudos to you ladies! You did an excellent job!!

Ingrid, USA

Wow! Wow! Wow! An unforgettable experience only wish it was longer. This retreat was extremely well organised down to the smallest detail. I have felt well looked after and loved.

This journey has been fantastic and difficult at times however the support I have received from everybody on this retreat has been unbelievable. I have learnt new things experienced magical events. I truly truly find it very difficult to describe and put my feelings of how this has changed my life. My rebirth has just happened here in Glastonbury. I will be taking all I have learnt and experienced forward to my home, family and life. 

A very big thank you to you all and all my love. Shermilla. Southend

Superb says it all!!! When I arrived I was rather troubled. April was difficult, Friday and Saturday I created space to be alone as much as possible. After the sound bath and quiz my mood lifted. Today I am back on track. I have identified my passion - it has been there for a long time but I had not recognised it (took it for granted). My heart is open and full of joy. Neelam and Alex's talks/meditations are brilliant and moving and informative. Thank you to everyone. 

Anna xxx London

Everything ran super smoothly from the very first email. Incredibly well organised, everyone was well informed via email and verbally at Abbey House. Very impressed with the amount of effort and detail the team put into creating a very special weekend. 

I have had an amazing weekend experienced some powerful energy shifts, reconnected with myself, with the beauty of Mother Earth and the power of sound and rhythm, and the deliciousness of Kundalini Yoga. I will bring so much more of all of this into my life. I feel open hearted, nurtured, loved, connected and so blessed to have shared the retreat with a group of beautiful souls. 

Thank you Neelam and team. I love you all. Lisa xxx London


A very well organised retreat which was so seamless. Beautiful. Great location which really made the experience. When I connected with my heart, I realised my intentions were very different. This was a great awakening and a great start to my journey. Thank you all for a phenomenal experience and enlightenment.

Atul xxx London

As I was sitting on the train heading back to London from Glastonbury the thoughts I had was peace/balance/harmony/being loved and looked after and nourished...

And feeling how blessed this group of people was to experience that and how much I would be willing for bigger and wider group to be touched by that...

Only the loving voice of Neelam alone! Not to mention the magic of Glastonbury! Magic of music and Tor! And of course Abbey grounds! The music touched me to the deepest core/at the morning meditations I had visitors from Heaven! At the Brigita temple experience trip to the heart of earth and back and felt the power of Divine Brigita! Was soooo many synchronicity for me..feels like I needed to be there /every experience was deep and meant a lot. I think we kept waiting for more and more and were quite surely getting more! As well we were entertained by Kuldip! Lots of laughter while still in tears! Still sorry about the quiz! It must of been super emotional for Kuldip!😀

To have such an introduction to Glastonbury is simply divine and amazing.I am already first on a list for next year retreat!😀 Love and light to all of us and to the world 🌎 

Thank you Neelam, the whole thing was amazing, your meditations sooooooo nourishing .... it felt like we were all looked after in Gods hands through you. My whole body was shaking, it was something out of this world, I just could not stop crying. It is hard to find words as yet... overwhelming experience. 

Asta xxx London

I had an amazing experience. The group, the meditation experiences were all amazing. Feeling a mixed level of emotions on the last day. So happy and blessed to have experienced this and meeting all the people, and sad that it has come to an end.

This is one experience that I will never forget and has taught me things I need to do to improve my way of life. Thank you for organising such an amazing event which has really nourished my soul.

Shivani xxx London

I do not think it could have been more perfectly planned! It was beautifully organised, well thought out and executed perfectly. It met my greatest expectations. The experience and the group were simply amazing and I will treasure them for a long time to come. So much was fit into a short weekend and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this beautiful retreat. Thank you for making my birthday celebration unforgettable and incredibly special. Turning 50 is not so bad now.

Love Michelina, USA

Really magical experience and great organisation of retreat. Lots of activities and richness of experience. Nutrition, Kundalini Yoga, Soundbath, Night walk to the Tor - Amazing! 

Neelam brings so powerful and transformative energies and makes everyone feel welcomed and gave her best in the retreat. A great place for peace, love, nurturing. I wish it was longer!

Panos. London

Would like to thank Neelam, Kuldeep, Alex, Megan and Martin for excellent organisation. Venue and content and bringing everyone and everything together into a magical experience. Amazing time with so many nice sessions and people. Each complimentary and building up experience. Thank you very much.

Mikhail. London

Incredible, Fantastic, Transformative, Deep, Enriching, Energetic, Joyful, Emotional, and Loving. The organisation was prompt in a friendly manner. I would have liked more free time in town and reflective time in between the sessions. I received some aha moments, and messages became clearer as the days went on. I also have some unclear visions and phrases that need to be processed, and I have all the excitement and patience for this to happen. 

Neelam was amazing with her wisdom, calming and soothing voice and her meditation that connects you to a very deep level within yourself. It was an added bonus and delight to have nutritional information in an inviting and clear format by Alex. Simply wonderful.

Gwen. London

I was blown away with the energy I felt here it brought up unexpected emotions, feelings and visions. The circle was beautiful, and the energy when we connected was mind blowing. The music was fabulous almost trance like bringing about an inner calmness. The goddess temple and Sound Bath was so illuminating it's difficult to put into words... but I didn't want to leave that place! The souls I have connected with here this weekend are so special, I feel really blessed and privileged to have been invited here.

Thank you Sonal. Southend


Amazing, Amazing! A wonderful group of beautiful souls - diverse and also with Neelam and Alex creating a safe, nurturing and welcoming and quality of space of possibility which allowed miracles to unfold - I experienced healing of mind, body and soul. The energy of the group the processes were wonderful. The elements of sound and water were instrumental in our development process - I found myself in bliss at times and very enriched at others. This was a profound and healtfelt experience. The unconditional love was tangible - overflowing at times. 

Thank you so much! You remain in my heart and the work that you do. Marie xxx London


A very different type of experience. Good organisation, good choice of venue, beautiful views. Excellent team - very welcoming. Perfect music choice.

I gave myself the opportunity to switch off from the outside world and concentrate on myself. It was a very educational mind and eye opening experience. Never considered yoga and meditation before but will definitely be incorporating it into my routine. It definitely made me feel better and connect with my inner self. N xx


Beautiful group energy, so glad I came - unique experience. Retreat should have lasted a few more days! Experience at the goddess temple was the peak, beautiful finish. Loved everything - music, Kundalini Yoga, Tor, Challis Wells, it's just a magical place to have a retreat. Great organisation, Well done it was very clear. Congratulations and thank you very much. Corina, Switzerland


I am very happy that I was part of this beautiful team. The organisation and the selection of the activities were very well covered in the body, mind and spirit aspects of the participants. The group developed a wonderful atmosphere and connection with all members. I am honestly very grateful being a member of this beautiful spiritual family, and I would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to expand their boundaries and have a magnificent time in a unique place with beautiful people in a very well organised retreat. Thank you, much love to all. Eleni. London


My experience was wonderful, I always believe 'expect the unexpected' and I did. I got lots of relief answers and confirmation about life. I had alot of new experiences this weekend, I had visions which I'm yet to unravel. Connections were good and I always believe in fate and that is what brought me here. Everything happens for a reason. After the retreat it will be my time to reflect and look to make changes. Meditation and yoga will be a start. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in store for me. 

Everything was well organised and on time. Lovely venue and everything nearby. Would love to come back or attend another. Continue the printing of schedules each day... was helpful.

Meeta, Southend





What an amazing experience you have guided us through. Neelam and her team are a true expression of love and giving. My experience will live with me forever and will guide me to a better place of love. I hope to share this love with others the same as you have shared your love with us. My heart is full of love thanks to this experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

The organisation for the retreat has been amazing. Everything has been planned to perfection and this is because so much thought and care for each individual was given. I am very thankful for your love and support.xxx

Krish, Leicester

Amazingly organised with great care. We were managed with understanding and to do that with 30 plus people is extraordinary. So polite and so kind it brought out the best in us. It was a combination of divine understanding and nurturing, a balance between the most intense spiritual experience, and practical advice, and all executed with love and care.

Neelam is an angel sent to me and i feel grateful to have met her and for her guidance.  

Sally, London

The organisation was excellent. I can't find fault at all. This experience has been life-changing for me. It has given me the strength to follow my dreams. It has allowed me to realise that happiness is something we all deserve. I feel empowered to make the necessary move, and to go forward following my heart.

Liz,  London

Amazing location - WOW! Great food, lovely people! Thank you for the overwhelming experience. Energies that i have not experienced before. Life-changing to the beautiful people and myself. Awesome!

Susan, Bournemouth

Amazing, Amazing Amazing. I've had the most special and wonderful weekend. I feel relaxed, had fantastic sleep and have loved meeting so many special and unique people. The weekend has exceeded my expectations. I feel part of something profound and timeless. I feel at peace and hopeful about the future. I have not been able to piece all my visions together and know there is more work to be done, but this is a fantastic start. Seeing Sumesh transform and grow has also been a wonderful experience. 

Fantastic location. The experiences, food and timings were organised so well. Everything flowed and was planned perfectly.

Beejal,  Leicester

Just a beautiful 3 days filled with numerous magical experiences and realisations. I feel like I have a lot more light shining onto my path and my filter is a lot clearer too. I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to clear stagnant energies and gain a sense of real direction in their life.

The event was highly professional, a real sense of caring and attention to detail in every way. Could not have been organised better.

Mike, Twickenham

A wonderful, deeply transformational experience of soul homecoming and emotional clearing and release. So full of love, the warmest and most loving hearts, an honour to be surrounded by such loving souls and share in a beautiful experience - returning home to the land, to one another, and to our own hearts and souls. Warmest deepest thanks and gratitude to everyone, soul family reunited here again in love. xxx

Retreat was very well organised, really appreciated the structure and how clearly it was communicated to us all - felt safe and held, which contributed to being able to surrender and drop into a deeper emotional experience and release. Thank you!

Rose, London

Amazing! The whole retreat flowed perfectly. It was surprising, powerful but perfectly planned and orchestrated. I did not come with any expectations, I knew it would be lovely and signed up immediately. But it has surpassed my wildest dreams. I have had an awesome experience from start to finish. Life-changing. I feel supported and asked questions all of which have been answered in the transmissions and meditations. Truly beautiful setting and retreat. Thank you so much. xx

Megan, London

Just what I needed. Totally amazing, beautiful people in a beautiful place. I feel nurtured. The transmissions, meditations, sound bath etc etc just amazing. Thank you so much for your wisdom, kind words and guidance.

Joanne, Essex.

A lot of crying, which turned to a feeling of happiness. I had amazing conversations with people which answered questions for me. Neelam's energy has shifted a lot in me this weekend. I recommend Neelam to anyone who feels stuck and needs awakening. I look forward to watching life unfold and blossom. I have been nurtured and well loved this weekend. Something we all deserve, need and owe to ourselves.

Event was extremely well organised. Covered a lot of energy work which was a lot more than i imagined. It felt like a glorious week.

Jacqui, London

I went through an enormous transformation this weekend. Meditations were extremely powerful, my soul responded so well. Group bonded so much from the start. Feel lighter, wiser and happier. Retreat was very well organised every minute was well organised. Can't wait for the next one! xxx

Ewa, London

I had been lucky enough to have been on a spiritual retreat in Glastonbury before, and it was great. This one however was in a different league!! Wonderful people, incredibly well organised and inspirational leadership.

Simple ... you can't improve on perfection! Nothing more to say. One of my greatest teachers has been Dr Michael Beckwith, he has a word that encapsulates this experience, "Blissitude" Could not have put it better myself, so i'm not going to try. With love to you all. 

Trevor, Bournemouth

Where do i start... i came with so many mixed emotions and some resistance but when i arrived completely surrendered and for the first time in my life experienced just being present and a quiet mind which was incredible. From allowing that opened up for me to fully connect and to listen to what the messages were. It made me realise this weekend to completely believe in myself. Thank you. 

Food was incredible, accommodation was lovely, the way the workshops and transmissions were scheduled were fantastic. The private goddess ceremony was life changing.

Kate, Essex.

***** 5 Stars! Amazing - just a perfect balance of managing a complex and vibrant group to many wonderful events! Very subtle, never with pressure but with love. Awesome!

Had a marvellous retreat very thought provoking. Improved my meditation skills hugely. Made fabulous friends and heard inspiring and rejuvenating stories. Powerful channelling, fabulous events opening up new directions for my exploration. Felt nurtured, safe, empowered. Hugely enjoyable and emotional journey.

Carol, Surrey

Very emotional time, I did not expect to be going through the memories and unfinished business. I feel pretty good now that i went through it again. The ceremony at the temple had a strong impact on me. Lots of releasing and receiving went on. 

Jules, London

Brilliant! The Glasto retreat has been transformational! Very well organised, with the right blend of 'work' with relaxation. I've gained so much from new friendships, and a deeper connection with myself. Thank you! When is the next one?!!

Nina, London.