Arcturian Healing Temples and Crystal Temples in the 9th Dimension

I want to thank you for our outstanding second session and our experience in the 9th Dimension. I didn't think anything could top our first session, but this past session sure did. I am blessed to have found you and to work with you. I know we will work together again, but please know that I will be recommending you to people I know and I think anyone with an open heart and mind could benefit from your skills and gifts. Obviously the Arcturians, other entities, and souls that you channel and work with trust you and your work. I want to share some of my experiences that standout to me.

From the very beginning of each of our sessions, you were present and in tune. I felt safe, protected, and comfortable with whatever was going to transpire while you scanned my body and cleared energy. You were clearly aware of things going on with my body, even though we had never shared any information before. The magic happened each time as we traveled to the 9th Dimension to work with the Arcturians and their advanced healing technologies.

We were physically across the pond from each other, but as my eyes were closed, I knew and sensed you were right next to me, holding my hand, while we lifted off through Dimensions to the 9th. My body became light and I was very comfortable as I slipped into the experience and present moment. I was completely aware throughout both sessions. Each time we worked with the Arcturians, I had no fears, I knew you were right there, and I trusted the technologies, as well as the beings working on me. I could feel my body being worked on, but there was never any pain or discomfort, just love. As the messages flowed through you, things became more and more alined. The work that was done and the experiences I had in the Arcturians Healing Chambers were profound, but in our second session when we visited the Arcturians Crystal Temple, I felt and experienced something as profound, but quite different.

The Healing Chambers were very healing for me, but the Crystal Temple was an experience of activation. As we transferred from one location to the other, I could sense the light, beauty, and energy of the Crystal Temple. Coming to rest inside the Temple and then laying down on a crystal bed, my body instantly began to come to life. I could have sworn that my whiskers on my face were standing up and starting to grow. My body then started to tingle and flow with energy as I could feel my Meridians lighting up and activating. My body felt like each cell was being turned on and it felt really good. The messages continued to flow through you as I felt a deeper and deeper connection to the information, energy, and experience. As we descended back down through the Dimensions, home to the 3rd/4th Dimension, I knew things had changed.

Even after the session, my body has felt lighter, energised, and open. My shoulder that has been injured for many years, which wasn't even the focus or intention of my session, has been better than it has been in years. The lifting of weight and stories from this and past lifetimes was the true healing. I am a different person, aware of possible pitfalls, open to my human potential, and I clearly know the work I need to do to reach my Awakening and true self. Thank you again for this blessing of your gifts and unconditional love.

Until we meet again, Matt USA


I booked a session with Neelam Minocha on the advice of a woman from my meditation group. I didn't know what to expect and decided to just remain open. The first session I did was the 9th to 11th dimension ascension and Arcturian healing. I knew nothing of specific dimensions or Arcturians, had heard of them, wasn't sure it was a "thing," but willing to be open and I was exploring. During the session, I felt very relaxed, conscious of my body but not really in it. I had no expectation as to what would happen, she was concerned with my solar plexus energy centre. I had just ended a working relationship that was not what I'd expected the previous day, and was still upset over it. Neelam picked that up.

After the Skype session I was very tired even though it was still the beginning of the day. I felt blown up, like a Macy's day parade float. For almost 2 weeks I had this feeling of being inflated, particularly in my stomach. Neelam emailed me to see how I was doing. I described the feeling and she explained that the Arcturians had filled my stomach full of healing light. I noticed throughout the session day and ever since, I have been moving my body more deliberately, slowly, I have more love for myself in a more compassionate and caring way. I also felt an integration of all the new information I've been studying, as if room was cleared to make space for new knowledge.

At the end of the session I asked if she could help me to get rid of the back pain that has plagued me for many years. She said the DNA session was all about changing the pattern in the field. My work with Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist, totally science based in facts, was all about that, so I was receptive and decided to give that a shot. In the time between the first and second session I became a person more comfortable in my spiritual skin and felt like I was in some kind of transition, for the better.

The DNA session day had arrived. Tiny bit of background. I came from a very dysfunctional family, don't recall my childhood and felt the best way to deal with my family many years ago was a strict "No Contact" rule. So, imagine my surprise when Neelam started to describe my inner child not letting them into my Vault because nobody was allowed. She threw so many fits that Mother Mary had to be called in to take her to my heart for a time out so she could shed some very long pent up tears, which she did. I didn't know what to make of this session, I was surprised as I'd never given any thought to my inner child, felt disconnected. Decided, just stay open to what comes. I listened to the session for about 2 weeks every night, until one night I felt it was time to stop.

Well, first, the unexpected inner child work was much needed and got me unstuck! I started work on a painting 2 years ago. It sat abandoned since. The face was taken from a photo my father had taken of me when I was about 3 months old. There are no other photos of me at this age. I thought she looked like she had a secret and was intrigued by it but wanted to make her older, and dancing next to a huge fire. I got her all drawn onto the 4ft x 5ft canvas, did the lower layer of clouds, painted her face and couldn't work on her anymore, couldn't get into it all and thought about painting over her, then didn't even feel like that, so let it sit. For 2 years. With no plan to finish it.

After the session, I went into my studio and finished it without a second thought and I am so happy with the painting which is now on the intended wall for which it was meant originally. I also made other changes in my life that seemed effortless, and just felt like it was time to get this person out of my life, get this project finished, get this book published and out there and just get on with what makes me, me. I took her advice and purchased a beautiful Amethyst necklace, never giving credence to the power of gemstones and crystals before, I thought it was enough to know they are in the world, not so I found. They do have power in your presence! Do what Neelam tells you to do, it's crucial. So many other things have happened but are too personal to mention here.

So, in closing, I have to say if one is open to a better life, a different perspective, being happier and more present for themselves, believing in their own power to co-create with the Universe, and willing to set aside old beliefs and behaviours, this is the fastest way I have ever experienced transformational and permanent changes on a level so deep within myself that I wasn't even aware it was holding me back from my own life. Neelam is the real deal, a beautiful soul here to help, to be a channel for good in the world and a courageous catalyst for awakening the truth that lies dormant in all of us. I am so thrilled I opened up to the possibilities that there was more going on than I understood or accepted. Oh, and my back pain is at least 80% better! Thank you Neelam, you're amazing, I love you! Keep doing what you're doing, it works.

Christina Barnes USA


Neelam is one of the most ‘in-tune’ people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Immediately after my first encounter with her in December of 2014 I could sense that she is someone who emanates pure love energy from every fibre of her being.

Since last year I have been to see Neelam on two occasions to complete very important energy work that has helped me massively in terms of releasing pent up stagnant energies within my aura and field and to incorporate new flows of vibrancy throughout my being.

I would encourage anybody who wants to get in touch with their own inner self on a deeper, more energetic level to contact Neelam, as she really is a treasure that we should all have in our lives. It is not everyday we will come across people like her so make the most of any opportunity that you have to work with this being of light, because in doing so your life is likely to very quickly improve drastically.

Mike. Twickenham

Working with Neelam has been a life-changing experience. I have been to healers before, I love metaphysics and energy but meeting Neelam and after having just a few treatments with her I started to notice big shifts in my life. Firstly I always had issues with money and I kept losing money on my jobs ( I work for myself in the building trade). I knew my root chakra was weak and Neelam picked this up straight away.

I also had pain in my ear and down the left side of my body which I didn’t tell her about, but she picked it up straight away. She got to work on many areas on my body that were out of alignment and I noticed after the sessions that my ear and head pain has completely gone and disappeared, and my leg is calm. Money has started to flow as money issues have always been connected to my root chakra, and I am seeing so much abundance with jobs coming in. I am so grateful. I like to have regular treatments now and make sure I book in early as I know just how much she has helped me in such a short space of time. Thank you Neelam. It has been a blessing that I was recommended to try your work. You have always been so loving and kind and listen to every word. It is so refreshing to meet such an authentic and compassionate practitioner who I totally trust. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you. S xxx

Having been to so many therapists, councillors and practitioners of different kinds over the years, a friend finally recommended that I go to see Neelam. Having spoken to her on the phone I felt a sense of hope and calmness that maybe finally here was someone who will understand my illness and inner state of turmoil. I was desperate for answers and after my first session with Neelam I knew without doubt that finally there was hope. She understood me like no other person I had ever come across. She was able to see clearly on the very first session the root of my trauma and helped me to understand why I was going through my conditions. It all made so much sense. Each time I came I left feeling stronger and stronger. She has empowered me to such a deep level and helped me beyond words and I cannot thank you enough Neelam for the love you give, for the safe space that you create and for your loving and nurturing ways that enable such deep healing to take place.

I am so deeply grateful to have found you. You are my angel of the light.

Lots of love, Michelle. xxx


I started working with Neelam out of curiosity. Feeling extremely stuck in life, I thought why not. Working with Neelam I have experienced the deepest meditations and healing experiences that I never thought were possible. She takes you to the most magical places .. its as if the Cosmos is her back yard and she knows the map! We have entered the temples of the goddesses.. I can’t even put into words the experience and healing, tears pouring out of my eyes as I hear the words spoken so softly and lovingly to my soul ‘you are pure and beautiful’. Her voice, her visions, her magic transported me to other worlds. We have been to incredible places … planets and star systems, different dimensions, healing and crystal temples. Just WOW!!! I have absolutely loved every experience. She has opened my eyes to life and what is possible, and my life is on the move again more exciting than ever before. If you want to know who you are, who you have been and awaken yourself at the deepest level… I would take any opportunity to work with this incredibly gifted woman’. Zoe.

Tapping / Healing Session

Having been diagnosed with severe acne on my face at the age of 31 with a history of rather clean and spotless skin throughout all my life, I felt sad and angry about my condition knowing that there are deep emotional blockages that need to be released.  I didn’t want to take any of the strong medication that my doctor had prescribed me knowing that these would put my body ,mind and spirit out of sync.

I am so happy that I had my tapping/healing session with Neelam who was able to identify the roots of my emotional blockage that triggered my pain body causing acne on my face. She helped me in releasing all these stagnant emotions that were mainly trapped in my solar plexus chakra . Through her visions from my childhood, she helped me to clearly see which specific events from my past are associated with my emotional blockage. After the session, I felt so relaxed and peaceful and I could feel the Love inside me. It’s such an amazing feeling :)  

My acne completely disappeared the following weeks after just one session, leaving my skin bright and healthy. Neelam has been a mentor and a wonderful healer to me. 

Neelam, I am so grateful for your support and help. You have completely changed my life on a deeper spiritual level. Thank you for everything. With Love , Z xxx

Meeting Neelam was the best thing that could have happened to me. I am so grateful. I felt a huge heaviness being lifted from my body during the session. Neelam's words and visions so accurate of my childhood pain. I felt lighter the next day, and everything started to change in my life. My whole life has changed for the better. New opportunities, new connections.. its crazy but I feel great and I am so grateful for your support Neelam. You are an angel who was sent to me. Your work is truly life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. David. xxx

My son developed panic attacks when flying about two years ago, and it became very traumatic for us as a family to fly anywhere on holiday. At times it was so bad that we had to remove our luggage off the plane as he just could not fly. Incredibly distressed and having to leave him behind was very heart breaking for us. We had no idea who to turn to when god sent us an angel… Neelam. She worked with him over a period of a few weeks over Skype as we live in the USA - tapping, breathing and healing and whatever amazing things she does and my son took his first international flight last week! We are so happy and cannot express how grateful we are to Neelam. He is planning where we are going for our next vacation and life is happy and flowing again. He is happy!

Neelam… your work is powerful, words cannot express what you have done for us. Thank you from the depths of my heart. From a very happy mom Sarah. xxx


When I went for my 20 week scan it was picked up that my baby had a hole in its heart and after many tests we got the news that our little one had multiple heart defects. Our lives crumbled especially as we kept this mostly to ourselves. It wasn't until my hubby and my best friends organised a baby shower for me that I met Neelam again. It was such an odd thing to do but when she held my hand to say goodbye she asked me is everything alright...it’s as if she sensed something… To which I told her what was going on... It wasn't till she took time out to drive to me the next day itself and did a session with me and my baby. She got to find out why this was happening to my little one. She lay me on the bed and spoke to my baby in my womb... he spoke to her and told her. She found out that the heart defect came from his past life where his heart had been broken as he lost his mum and sister in an accident, so he was coming into this world with a lot of trauma, and sadness.. hence why the heart needed mending both physically which the Drs could do and have done but to release the trauma ....that's where sessions with Neelam came in... She was the only one that gave me hope to carry on and be strong for my little one, she had visions of him running around at the age of 2 kicking a football. She would know things about him that no one could know ... she asked him to turn into position as he was breech which he said he would try and did... We went through the healing sessions to clear his heart of grief and loss ... It honestly was like clutching at every word she said that got me through such a difficult pregnancy and birth... I would listen to her meditations each night to calm me down and make me focus on why he had chosen us as parents and focus on the positives like it was because we would shower him with so much love and of course his connection to his past life which was in India. We actually just came back from a month out there and it's fair to say he was a different boy out there and loved it.

I guess what I want people to do is if they are going through a difficult time reach out to Neelam don't be alone as its this that makes you really lose sight on anything positive or ever thinking there might be a reason why this is all happening to you and there could be a solution. 

Our little one after many operations is doing well and is such a mummy's boy ... he is now 2 and loves running and kicking a football!!

It goes without saying that I thank Neelam for coming into my life as a friend firstly and then my healer ... What you have done will always be so special to us xxx


Past Life Regression:

I have had a past life regression before and I was told by the therapist that she was afraid to go any further as there was a big block there .. this left me so fearful and sad. I knew Neelam did past life regressions and I have attended her transmissions which are always so beautiful. I came to see her for a past life regression. Wow! It was so beautiful... she took me to the root of the trauma to understand and release and I cried my eyes out, but I was not afraid as Neelam held my hand throughout, guided me through the visions with her soft comforting voice and using singing bowls and her healing energies she released the pain from my chest and I was at peace again. The energy in her room is so beautiful, she channels energy the whole time throughout the session, and what she was able to show me has left me in complete awe. Such deep healing and so many realisations ... beyond words. It has enabled me to see my life from a completely different perspective... just amazing! I would never do this journey with anyone else. Neelam is the one for me. 

Thank you Neelam ... I am still blown away from the session. Deep Gratitude, Love and Light,

Liz. xxx


Neelam is one of the most amazing & talented souls I've ever met. She is full of loving caring energy. I had my first session with Neelam when I was in a very dark place after suffering with immense pain and depression for years, I was at my lowest point.

Skeptical as I was I had my session and found Neelam extremely easy to talk to. Following that first session Neelam advised me to start meditating. I've never been religious or spiritual but tried very hard to learn to meditate, listening to Neelam's guided meditation at first. I found it difficult as my mind wandered here & there but then one day a few weeks later after lots & lots of practice something just clicked and it all fell into place. After that I couldn't contemplate starting or ending each day without meditation! 

The first time we met in January 2017 I felt as if we had known each other for years, Neelam is very warm, friendly & hospitable, She is so easy to open up to &  has such a wonderful calm grace about her during sessions so you feel relaxed & safe. 

Since January I've had several one to one sessions exploring past lives. Seen and felt so much! I was in awe...... It was unbelievable what I was able to see in past life regression with Neelam's help...... at one point I remember literally sobbing and quivering on her couch as I felt & experienced the past lives so so so vividly! I was shown many many lives as thats where the trauma was stuck and the cause of my severe cluster headaches ... it all makes sense now. 

Since then we've been working on issues that have been blocking me, hindering me from moving on through the pain & darkness via EFT amongst other techniques.

I'm feeling much better in myself now & in 90% less pain, on less medication. To be honest I feel more empowered with a whole new outlook on life! I trust my instincts and intuition a lot more and feel energy so deeply. All thanks to this amazing, talented woman! 

Thank you so much Neelam, you are such an inspiration to me and have brought a new meaning to my life, you really are my ray of sunshine. A beautiful light burning bright. 
Sonal Xx 😘


I came to see Neelam at my lowest point. Nearly 4 years of trying to conceive, miscarriage and failed IVF had left me with anxiety, depression and sadness in my soul.

As soon as I met Neelam I felt instantly comforted. She has an incredible spirit, kind and gentle. 

I visited her on two occasions and the healing she carried out made me feel happier and calmer than I had in a long time. I had been holding on to a lot of sadness and feelings of low self worth from my past. Thank you Neelam.

Kelly, Cambridge


The work that Neelam does is extraordinarily powerful and is truly life changing. I had two one-to-one sessions with her during which I received profound guidance and healing. Painful memories and traumas from my past were released and my two closed chakras were opened. Old patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that had held me back were removed.

All of this was new to me but Neelam very quickly put me at my ease at the start of the first session. She is a very special lady and has a gorgeously kind and loving way of working with her clients.

Steve, London


DNA RE-patterning of Core Beliefs:

I happily saw Neelam for a few private sessions. Each is so beautiful and so very different and so spot on with what's needed at the time of seeing Neelam. It's a magic time in a magic room filled with love and purity.

My last experience was probably the most important as from childhood I have many fears and mainly deep I am not "worthy" to be successful "story" and a pattern of a victim mentality.

Though now I have a wonderful life and beautiful family my ghosts are chasing me. Even if everything is very well my mind turns to create or await for a disaster. Anxiety sometimes is taking me through the roof. The fear of loosing everything, the fear that I do not deserve the life I have, the fear of stepping out there and being who I really am...

It's fear fear fear ...and "small me" ...

So Neelam was working on changing that pattern of  "I do not deserve or I am not worthy."

The process this time was very uncomfortable as I am used to my thoughts or I am used to feeling guilty or useless.. I even felt it in my physical body, I actually wanted to run away ..it was soooo uncomfortable...as Neelam worked her energy magic with my core beliefs in my spine. In my vault.

I didn't want to let that part of me go ..the fearful not worthy me...But we did continue and as we did continue all started settling within... And I felt like a lost 500kg of weight from my chest and felt like a feather during that day ..it just felt so right ..

I think it's still a process into self worth program but the seeds were planted and the vault of fear with the key lock bigger then me diminished. I feel much more at peace now and empowered for the journey ahead.

So thank you very much Dear Neelam! Was an extraordinary and liberating experience 👏🙌


I found Neelam “by chance”. While looking for something entirely different online,  somehow I was led to her. I read about the one to one sessions on her website and booked a session with her.

From the beginning it was so evident that she is such a gentle, sincere and loving person, I immediately felt at ease and like at home with her. She explained every step of the way and I loved to learn about the chakra system and how important it is that they are open and balanced with each other.

And then the session itself, where Neelam put into words so well exactly how I’ve always felt, and described with great accuracy my emotional troubles and feelings of sadness and disconnection with who I really am.  She explained to me so much more about myself than I’ve ever been told before by anyone who knew me well. There was so much revealing and clarifying  information in the session, I’m so glad I recorded it because every time I listen to it I’m finding something new.

Since the session I’ve been feeling subtle but powerful changes. I feel now more grounded, safe, more connected to something I was craving being connected to, and my moments of quiet and silence (meditations I guess) are becoming so much easier and I look forward to them daily because they feel like home. I’m also noticing how brand new thoughts are happening during those silent moments, and I feel like big changes may be coming and I am fine with it.

It’s difficult to put into words  how happy and grateful I am that people like Neelam exist and that she’s  doing this work. Thank you Neelam!  Rachel , London xxx


Since attending a retreat organised by circle of light and Neelam my life has turned upside down, inside out pulled in every direction. The love and support I received from the 30 beautiful souls I met was incredible.  The retreat enabled me to love myself and forgive myself and others in my life. 

I have attended a healing session with Neelam too and this was such a beautiful, healing and enlightening experience which helped me speak my truth for the 1st time in my life and feel empowered as a mother, wife and more importantly as a women !!!

My health is improving everyday.

I am so grateful for all the beautiful souls that have supported my journey thank you and thank you Neelam💜 

S xxx


Have been feeling down, constantly, and searching for someone who could help me out of this state. A very dear person suggested Neelam Minocha. 
Well what can I say? Nervous, wary and vulnerable on first meeting.  Why I wonder because the heavy shoulders and neck (nape) stiffness eased up by 50%. Neelam taught me how to relax and encouraged meditation. 
On the 4th session (1 per month) Neelam asked me if she could perform 'tapping'. I agreed.  Well that helped me unload all the baggage, which made me realise that I have to take control of my life. Of course the following days I did a lot of crying soul searching and accepted that I have to start "The Big Change". 
Once I knew it I started to do just that. I feel free and now I see myself with Admiration. Thank you so much Neelam.  
Vicky 😘


My brother suggested I see Neelam when I was going through a very hard time in my life. I had left my husband after 5 years, resigned from my job without securing another position, decided to re-locate away from my family and friends and was coming to terms with the loss of 3 miscarriages.  I was desperately trying to find answers and needed stability in my life.

 I had no expectations of my session but my brother highly recommended I go with an open mind. From the moment I met Neelam I felt at ease and had the urge to tell her everything. I'm quite a private and guarded person so this was very surprising to me.

My healing with Neelam allowed me to feel hopeful about the future. I released the pain I had experienced during my childhood and in an unhappy marriage. I was holding onto a lot anger and resentment which was making me physically ill.  The most important lesson I learned during the session was to listen to myself and trust I was making the right decisions.

Neelam is a positive, caring and amazing person. Neelam goes on a journey with everyone she helps. I feel so lucky that I have someone as special as Neelam to turn to when I need guidance and reassurance.

Thanks so much,

Love Bee, Leicester


I wanted to write a testimonial from my heart it happened to come out like a poem…

She touched my heart she stroked my soul, 

She opened my eyes to show me I am living on an imaginary cloud,

She showed me the way of how i could be, 

She taught me how to love and respect myself first,

She became my spiritual friend I will always love,

She transfers soothing energy through Mother God,

She is witty and gentle at the same time forceful, 

All with the name of love and blessing.

She is a very powerful spiritual being, 

Having her extraordinary healing gifts,

She is like a great detective,

Finding the way out from the dark tunnel of disappointment,

But in this case always with a happy ending.

When I first went to Neelam's 121 session, just a few months ago, I was completely blind, not being able to address the problem I had. Shortly after that Neelam organised a spiritual retreat ... 3 days of yoga, meditations and sound bath healing. During this retreat i was beginning to shift and see what went wrong in my life.It truly touched the bottom of my own being, there was only one way up from that point. 

We met again for a 121 session when I could clearly speak about what bothers me and I did not pretend anymore that I am happy, by then I was trying to be really happy for myself. During the session I could openly listen to her words of guidance and feel it with my heart. Whether I liked it or not it was true. If not for Neelam I have no idea how I would manage to live in this surreal life. I am a different person now and my life has changed. I made significant decisions and I am so happy about it. 

Nowadays I go as often as I can to Neelam’s energy transmissions. 

Whenever you meet her .... 121 session, retreat or energy transmission sessions its always a great privilege to be around her, as her way of dealing with all is in such a professional manner but also very spiritually loving and soothing way. 

If you ask me to describe her I would say: beautiful angel with a magic wand always taking you with her to Neverland filled with honey love and great respect. She is a wise teacher too who teaches you how to work with energies and how to channel.

Her amazing workshops are always thrilling and interesting with great topics to search via meet up site.

I adore her and I love her, I have enormous respect for her and the way she works and what results she provides. She is truly dedicated to her mission to touch as many hearts as she can. She is a fountain of healing energy.

May god always bless her.

EJ, London xxx


Dear Neelam,

Since having a healing session with you, combined with your workshops, I find my life has continually changed for the better.  As time passes after your session, I have feelings /circumstances relating to areas in my life. I can translate these to understand what I need to learn from them. I am able to feel grounded and centred. Stop myself getting frustrated and angry.  Find the right something I am needing at the right moment in my life. Life feels like it is rolling smoothly and effortless in the right direction. I am dealing with emotions high/low but that is part of it. Though it definitely keeps getting easier and quicker to resolve painful emotions from the past. Sessions I have had with you have always enabled me to understand why I have been doing things in a certain way. You have been a strong key part to help me get to where I am now. I am in my element beyond belief. Not in my wildest dreams would I have believed what is happening for me now.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jacqui, London xxx


Dear Neelam,

My mum suggested I saw you as the spirits I kept seeing in my house frightened me. You helped me understand why they were coming and i wasn't frightened anymore. I did as you said and showed them to the light in my bathroom, and they went home and never came back. Since seeing you I hardly see spirits at home now.  You told me I am a guide to help spirits go to the light. I can send them to the light from my bathroom. This has made me feel so happy. I feel happy knowing how I can help them. It has made me feel happier at home now I don't see many spirits. You made me feel very calm and relaxed.

Thank you , Annie (age 8)


I had found myself in a little bit of a low place in life, but ultimately it was my curiosity which led me to Neelam as I heard of her from a friend.

Who was to know that between that moment and leading to the actual appointment, I was going to experience the most painful and soul destroying experience I probably will ever go through in life. I became a shadow of myself, a recluse and every part of me consumed with pain and grief. Tears would not stop rolling day or night.

I postponed my appointment till I felt I could try venture out of my house. I managed to go see Neelam several weeks later. From the very moment she opened the door and I saw her - I felt this sense of peace, calmness and hope. Her mannerism, her voice, her body language - she oozed this calming and reassuring charisma. If there is anyone who has an angelic glow and a persona to match, then it is Neelam.   

It would have taken months and maybe years to release the grief I was carrying inside, but felt a huge release from just one session!!  I still feel a shiver in my spine when I think of where I was in life and where I could be heading, but meeting Neelam, her healing support, guidance and wisdom changed my pathway completely.

It is difficult to put into words how effective her work is, but trust me IT WORKS, well it certainly has for me. 

Kiran, Essex


I was first introduced to Neelam at one of her transmissions, having been invited along by a friend who had benefited greatly from a session with her and highly recommended a meeting. From the very first moment I met her, I trusted her, which was unusual for me at the time as I was going through a particularly dark period in terms of negativity. I can honestly (and joyously) say that from that moment things have began to ‘lighten’ up.

Since then, I have had a one-to-one healing session with Neelam, with wonderful results. Essentially, this was the first time I met Neelam properly and she immediately put me completely at ease – it was like meeting a long lost friend. It’s a little difficult to explain the effects of the healing, as I wasn’t suffering from any physical ailment, it was more about mental and emotional blockages. But as someone who is sensitive to energy (I am a Reiki healer), I could feel ‘things’ moving, or being released almost immediately and the accuracy of her reading behind the causes of the blockages was unavoidable.

Neelam has also displayed a genuine empathy with my situation, following up at regular intervals in a loving and helpful manner. Although that session was less than a month ago (at the time of writing), it honestly feels like a lifetime; I now feel totally reenergised, empowered and excited about my role in the world. Thank you, Neelam.

Jason G, London


A work colleague suggested I see Neelam when I was going through a particularly dark, sad and challenging time in my life. She was warm and nurturing and spent time trying to rebalance me and show me the way back to the light. I had never tried healing or anything like this before but was open to any form of help at that time. It was insightful and magical spending time with Neelam and each time i saw her i left feeling lifted and she put the sparkle back in my eyes. 

A few sessions later, I am back in a happy place with a refreshed and more positive perspective in life. Thanks Neelam. You are an angel. A real one. 

Kate Z. London


I'm happily married with three lovely healthy kids, I own a very successful business, I have good friends and am fortunate to be able to do, pretty much, everything I want to. I've also felt very lost and, I can now admit, known that something was fundamentally wrong for a very long time. Until recently my repeated patterns of harmful behaviour and their negative effects had become more frequent and longer lasting and were leaving behind real damage. I'd tried to "change" more times than I can remember, I failed every time because, deep down, I knew I hadn't tackled the real issues - I couldn't because I didn't know what they were.

Just before I met Neelam, which happened purely by chance, and for anyone reading this I'm not someone who was actively seeking a spiritual journey, nor was I looking to find myself - although I'd have done anything to 'feel' better - I was literally in bits, the physical 'weight' I felt was more oppressive than ever, I was really suffering (but I still had to function of course). I was going to make an excuse to avoid my first energy transmission with Neelam, it was a struggle for me to walk into the room and I told my wife, who waited for me outside, that "if I feel any better when I come out than I do know it's worth it". When I left that room an hour and a half later I was smiling and a weight had been lifted, I'd swear on oath that there was a physical change, I experienced a REAL personal and positive shift, I didn't imagine it, I wasn't pretending. It was tangible, it happened. The weight had lifted considerably, I felt I'd shed something I didn't want and I experienced a light, which wasn't man-made, but which existed in this world. It was an amazing first-hand experience, nothing like anything I had ever experienced before.

A few days later I had my first energy/healing session with Neelam too. Again, something REAL happened, a physical experience that I couldn't ignore or later think that I'd imagined. There were also some deeper, personal, spiritual revelations which were brought to my attention which made absolute sense to me and which enabled me to understand why I would never have been able to have "changed" without understanding some things about myself that I would never have found out about in any other way except through this energy healing process. After this the oppressive tension in my head and shoulders (which I'd endured for years) was GONE. As in, it wasn't there anymore.

Since then I've started to meditate. I am calmer, I am happier, I am better. I'm not hugging trees, I'm still running a business, I'm still "normal", I'm just in a better place all round and I've accepted the unassailable fact that, for me, this is a very real 'thing' and I'm totally open to where it takes me. Most incredibly my journey so far is weeks, not months. If you knew me you'd know I'm the most practical and grounded person, I have nothing to gain by making any of this up - I'm not - there is a measurable and tangible positive change in my life.

Take a chance and walk into the room, and be kind to yourself.

P Norris, Essex


To date I have had 2 remote energy healing transmissions with Neelam (I say to date as I intend to have more).

Neelam is an amazing, gifted caring individual and it has been truly life changing for me, after the 2nd transmission I felt (physically) all that I had been holding on to regret, anger, sadness etc had been removed, I felt lighter, happier and a real sense of calm. Things that I believed to be impossible are now becoming possible. I believe I now have clarity about where and what my life path is leading to.

Thank you Neelam, as I truly believe that if I had not had the connection with you through your distant transmissions, my mind would have remained closed to the amazing things that are out there, the infinite possibilities that are there for us all :-)

much love, Trish xxx


Coming across Neelam has been a total bliss and a turning point in my journey of healing and awakening. She's got such a strong, loving and wise presence that it's hard to put it in words. I've first been to her for an EFT session for the purpose of healing my dog phobia - which I almost had throughout my life and it was socially disabling at times. Just in one session, Neelam figured out the root cause of it and initiated an energetic process while also helping me to understand the situation at the conscious mind level. My fear has eventually vanished and people who have known me for a long time cannot believe in this change. Much grateful for everything. I believe that as long as we are open to the change, there are magical and loving souls like Neelam ready to help us.

Lots of love and blessings Pinar


“The most authentic and naturally gifted healer you'd wish to meet. Her 'ordinary' nature is in direct contrast to her extraordinary ability to tap into and determine what a person needs to heal their life.

My personal experience has been profound, leading me away from self limiting beliefs that have always plagued me and towards a more truthful, fulfilling way of living my life."

Sal S. East Sussex


I have been fortunate to be invited to Neelam’s transmissions, which are amazing. I am a true believer that people come into your life for a reason and I am extremely grateful to have Neelam in mine she is not only a wonderful person but her healing is incredible and it has helped me get through some really difficult times in my life enlightening my mind, body and soul. She has helped to raise my consciousness to a completely different level.

Kate B. Harlow, Essex


I met Neelam in June 2013 and have never looked back. Only wonderful, life-changing events, positivity and pure happiness have come from my sessions with Neelam.

Neelam now does Energy Transmissions, where she downloads a higher galactic energy from the universe to renew your soul and cells and connect to a higher consciousness. This is powerful stuff. I truly feel and believe that I am now connected to something much bigger rather than just my mortal self. In a nutshell, my life has improved in every way by 100%.

I've never been happier or more optimistic about the future.

Paula, London


Since meeting Neelam my life has changed - her healing treatments are amazing and I always come away feeling positive, content and balanced. I have attended 3 of her transmission evenings and since then my treatments as a Reflexologist have been very powerful. Neelam is a fantastic healer and I feel blessed to know her.

Joanne B. Essex


Neelam has a natural intuition and her way of being is extremely caring and sensitive. She is a natural healer and can locate blocks in her clients and clear them. I have experienced her as a healer and have been present when she has done energy transmissions, and in both circumstances, I have felt a deep peace and an energy shift. She is kind, patient and very loving - someone who is very generous with her time, and in sharing her gift.

Deepa C. North London


I have known Neelam for some years and about two years ago I had my first healing session with her. Since, I have had regular healing sessions to help with my sleeping pattern and other issues. She is amazing; her sessions have been relaxing and left me feeling very positive about issues and life. Not only does she give you a healing session she will help after with how you can continue the amazing journey. 18 months ago she helped me with no smoking and I am happy to say that I remain a non-smoker to this day, I also sleep like a baby and do not suffer from insomnia anymore. My father who is 95 has also had healing sessions with Neelam. He could hardly walk and after his first session he walked un-aided from her door to the car. I also had three remote energy transmissions whilst I was 4000 miles away from Neelam all of which have had results. I have also recommended friends to see Neelam and they also have had amazing results. Neelam is loving, caring and gifted. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a healing session.

J P, Mumbai, Essex, Bahamas


My first healing session with Neelam was from 5000 miles away over Skype. First time I had met her and she instantly made me feel extremely comfortable. Even from that distance I could feel the energies so strongly. I was suffering from terrible back pain for a long time. After the first session my back pain completely disappeared. The second healing she made me feel very at home. I felt that she helped me to rid myself of negative energies. It brought peace to my soul. Neelam’s sessions are filled with love and pure energy. She is an incredible healer and the only one I choose to visit.

Love and Light. Kodi. Sedona. Arizona. USA.


I was suffering from a knee injury when I heard about Neelam and her healing hands. I went along for a session in July 2013, and wasn’t expecting any big results as my knee had been troubling me for sometime. After a short session, and feeling very relaxed, I was amazed at the results! At first I assumed the pain would come back but up until today I can honestly say my knee is pain free! Neelam is an inspiring soul who is blessed with a wonderful gift and enlightens me every time I meet her. Thank you Neelam for your help xxx.

Anita M. London.


I have been a big migraine sufferer for some time now and with the migraines I was always very nausea and on occasions I would stay in bed for the whole day. My curtains would be drawn and no light would come in because it hurt my vision and also I wanted peace and quiet so my room door was always closed. I could not eat as I knew within the next few minutes I would be vomiting and the pain was just becoming so unbearable. No one should suffer like this and as a mother of three it was so hard on my family. So I decided one day to approach Neelam who I knew was doing healing. I did not know what to expect when I first went to see Neelam about my migraines but within 5 minutes into the session I was able to relax. The session was pleasant and I felt very light and calm. Neelam has such a calming energy and is so understanding and patient. Now I am completely free of migraines and no longer live my life in fear. I would recommend this treatment to any migraine sufferers as it has totally changed my life and I am ever so grateful for Neelam coming into my life. I am really thankful to Neelam for making me feel so much better.

Abbey P. Essex


Neelam, Your healing session blew my mind away, thank you very much. You're a gifted Healer and the insights I got from your session, helped me to feel more confident about my life purpose, and it also made me feel closer to my guides.

You were amazingly accurate when you scanned me at the beginning of it, and many of the things you saw were diagnosed by several Doctors throughout my life. I've been recommending your services since, as not only was it a super interesting experience, but a pleasure meeting up with you. I know you're going to change many people's lives and awaken a lot more Healers.

Blessings, Grace G. London


Testimonials for Distant Connection:

My friend Terrence (remote healing) asked me to convey his deep felt thanks and to describe his experience. Yesterday at 8pm he went into his "quiet room" to receive the healing. He set his alarm clock for 9pm. When he "reemerged" it was 10:15pm, the alarm had been switched off, not by him, and he saw a bright light coming out of his chest (location of his pain for quite some time). He is not sure where he went, nor who switched off the alarm. He feels a lot better today.


Hi Neelam,

Thank you for the transmission , it really was quite wonderful , I literally at some points could not feel my hands , it was like they wasn't part of me ,like they were being lifted up ,I could however feel someone stroking them . I also felt the most strong balls of energy in my palms being rubbed round and around . I was told to stay in the moment ,to enjoy the now and to stop looking into the future. which I do tend to do . I definitely feel any past trauma is long gone and once I stop looking forward I will see much more clearly.I did have a really bad pain between my shoulder blades from almost the beginning until the ended ,Im not sure what that means, I knew exactly when the transmission had finished , I could feel the end very clearly and when I sat up it was dead on ten o'clock my time , I'm an hour ahead of you.

Anyway thank you again ,I'm now ready to move ahead and definitely feel more focused.

L. Webb (Spain)


As he listened to the audio, he relaxed and he felt his body rise and hovering above the ground going forward. He saw himself approaching a temple, when he entered he saw brilliant light and felt surrounded by love. He can’t remember anything after that. Eventually he got himself out of the trance, over an hour had elapsed. He felt well and alert. He sends you his heart felt thanks. T.T xxx


I found this to be an extraordinary and very deep meditation, into which I felt myself sinking. The light of the temple enveloped me, and I was transported to another dimension in which Archangel Michael started to communicate with me. I was told that I am guarded, guided and protected, and that my current physical ailments would only leave my body when I had fully learned my lessons that were sent to teach me.The following day (Saturday) I felt absolutely shattered, but the congested tissue in the Lump in my breast has started to degranulate, and heal. I thank all those who were involved and participating in my healing from the bottom of my heart. xxx Val


The transmission was very very intense half way through. I felt a big release after and ended up working until 2am on some ideas I have! I was in the flow, very clear headed. My third eye was intense ,so intense that it hurt. Thank you so much for the healing.
Manj S (Surrey)

I had lots of energy in my hands and third eye throughout. Also, quite a bit of rumbling in my stomach, similar to energy shifting during reiki but louder. I also called the Arcturians to join us and was chanting a powerful and beautiful chant at different points. Not slept much but feeling a subtle joy and optimism.

Thank you xxx J B G (Kent)

We knew exactly when the transmission started and when it ended. There was tingling and pain throughout the hour in my shoulders and in my husband's legs as this is where we have physical issues. It felt as if the energy was working and healing these parts of our bodies. I could not move at all during the hour as the energy was so strong.

Normally I get up twice in the night as I have disturbed sleep, but after the transmission I slept like a baby and didn't wake till the following morning. Amazing.

Thank you Neelam for the wonderful work that you do. God Bless.

M and K Sareen (Southampton)