What is an Energy Transmission?

Energy Transmissions are a new and pioneering way of working with energy in a group experience. A transmission is a powerful energy download, where energy is channelled into the room carrying a high frequency of light, wisdom, higher intelligence and unconditional love from Higher Realms of Light to awaken dormant energies within, reconnecting and aligning your soul to its true essence. Our very essence is energy, so it is so important to balance and align our energetic bodies. The more we align to our soul presence and blueprint, the more life begins to flow and awaken us to our authenticity and gifts.

Transmissions are incredibly powerful and have lead to huge shifts in awareness, removal of blocks and obstacles in ones pathway, and opened many new doors for people. The energy is always magnified in a group setting. Transmissions are the future in healing as thousands upon thousands awaken on the planet. These work beyond time and space and are incredibly powerful for the group connecting in.

During these channelled energy transmissions, I work with the higher realms of light, star beings, guides, ascended masters and archangels to awaken you to your inner source of light. The energies will bathe and work with clearing any stagnant energies in your emotional, energetic, mental and physical body, releasing and letting go of anything that no longer serves you, and assisting you in aligning you to your true self.
The energies I work with have so much love for each one of us, they see the beauty in all and want us all to embrace the light within. During these transmissions I carry out individual and group activations, downloading codes for your souls blueprint, creating and spinning a vortex of energy around the circle to accelerate the clearing and help guide you towards remembering your soul's mission and path here on Earth.


Energy Transmissions work Globally. Connecting distantly is just as powerful as being there in the room!!


If you want to join these sessions and are unable to physically attend then I can connect you in remotely. The energy you receive will be exactly the same as if you were physically present. These transmissions are global. One can be anywhere in the world and receive the transmission as energy knows no time or space and works through different dimensions. Earth is the only planet where time is linear and we feel limited and controlled by time. Beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension time and space do not exist. We are now living in incredible times where we can break through these limitations and belief programmings that keep us stuck and trapped, and access a higher state of consciousness that is available to us beyond our physical world. We now have the opportunity to embrace our divinity, our true potential and purpose in this lifetime.

If you would like to experience these magical transmissions, either remotely or by attending please see group sessions for scheduled dates on my meetup link below: 


Testimonials for Distant Connection

My friend Terrence (remote healing) asked me to convey his deep felt thanks and to describe his experience. Yesterday at 8pm he went into his "quiet room" to receive the healing. He set his alarm clock for 9pm. When he "reemerged" it was 10:15pm, the alarm had been switched off, not by him, and he saw a bright light coming out of his chest (location of his pain for quite some time). He is not sure where he went, nor who switched off the alarm. He feels a lot better today.

Hi Neelam,

Thank you for the transmission , it really was quite wonderful , I literally at some points could not feel my hands , it was like they wasn't part of me ,like they were being lifted up ,I could however feel someone stroking them . I also felt the most strong balls of energy in my palms being rubbed round and around . I was told to stay in the moment ,to enjoy the now and to stop looking into the future. which I do tend to do . I definitely feel any past trauma is long gone and once I stop looking forward I will see much more clearly.I did have a really bad pain between my shoulder blades from almost the beginning until the ended ,Im not sure what that means, I knew exactly when the transmission had finished , I could feel the end very clearly and when I sat up it was dead on ten o'clock my time , I'm an hour ahead of you.

Anyway thank you again ,I'm now ready to move ahead and definitely feel more focused. L. Webb (Spain)


As he listened to the audio, he relaxed and he felt his body rise and hovering above the ground going forward. He saw himself approaching a temple, when he entered he saw brilliant light and felt surrounded by love. He can’t remember anything after that. Eventually he got himself out of the trance, over an hour had elapsed. He felt well and alert. He sends you his heart felt thanks. Terence (London)


I found this to be an extraordinary and very deep meditation, into which I felt myself sinking. The light of the temple enveloped me, and I was transported to another dimension in which Archangel Michael started to communicate with me. I was told that I am guarded, guided and protected, and that my current physical ailments would only leave my body when I had fully learned my lessons that were sent to teach me.The following day (Saturday) I felt absolutely shattered, but the congested tissue in the Lump in my breast has started to degranulate, and heal. I thank all those who were involved and participating in my healing from the bottom of my heart. xxx Val (London)


To date I have had 2 remote energy healing transmissions with Neelam (I say to date as I intend to have more). Neelam is an amazing, gifted caring individual and it has been truly life changing for me, after the 2nd transmission I felt (physically) all that I had been holding on to regret, anger, sadness etc had been removed, I felt lighter, happier and a real sense of calm.

Things that I believed to be impossible are now becoming possible. I believe I now have clarity about where and what my life path is leading to. Thank you Neelam, as I truly believe that if I had not had the connection with you through your distant transmissions, my mind would have remained closed to the amazing things that are out there, the infinite possibilities that are there for us all :-)

much love, Trish xxx ( London)


The transmission was very very intense half way through. I felt a big release after and ended up working until 2am on some ideas I have! I was in the flow, very clear headed. My third eye was intense ,so intense that it hurt. Thank you so much for the healing. 
Manj S (Surrey)


I had lots of energy in my hands and third eye throughout. Also, quite a bit of rumbling in my stomach, similar to energy shifting during reiki but louder. I also called the Arcturians to join us and was chanting a powerful and beautiful chant at different points. Not slept much but feeling a subtle joy and optimism.

Thank you xxx J B G (Kent)


I have had five remote energy transmissions whilst being 4000 miles away from Neelam all of which have had results. Neelam is loving, caring and gifted. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a healing session. Captain J P, Mumbai, Essex, Bahamas.

We knew exactly when the transmission started and when it ended. There was tingling and pain throughout the hour in my shoulders and in my husband's legs as this is where we have physical issues. It felt as if the energy was working and healing these parts of our bodies. I could not move at all during the hour as the energy was so strong.

Normally I get up twice in the night as I have disturbed sleep, but after the transmission I slept like a baby and didn't wake till the following morning. Amazing.

Thank you Neelam for the wonderful work that you do. God Bless. M and K Sareen (Southampton)