Mother Teresa Channeled Message - Your Mission is Calling You

I recently channelled Mother Teresa live on air on my radio show on News For The Soul. It was such a beautiful message that I felt called to record it here for all to listen to. Nuggets of golden wisdom that we can all embrace in our lives. Her love so beautiful and encompassing. She talks about how we can create peace in our modern and fast paced lives. She also speaks about the mission of love and compassion that calls to us now. It is time to rise dear children she says... as your mission calls to your soul.

August 2019 Energies - A New Chapter Emerging

August 2019 Energy Update - A huge time of transition, healing and purging as we awaken to a very new chapter emerging in our lives. It is time for the soul to align to whats calling within. Every challenge brings a huge opportunity for growth and expansion. Taking the steps forward into the unknown, trusting and listening to our hearts.

June Energy Message Message - The Heart Squad is in Town

When channelling this message for June, I was shown an image of thousands of beings of light on and around the planet right now and I was guided to call the recording 'The Heart Squad is in Town', the energy of love, compassion and kindness is amping up on the planet as the awakening continues, and as light frequencies continue to bathe our energy fields, we are moving deeper and deeper into our hearts.

February 2019 - "You are the Universe in Physical Expression" - Shine your Light

A very powerful message from the Universe as we step into February 2019 to shine our light, explore ourselves deeper and to expand and grow. New directions and new pathways unfolding, moving towards joy and freedom and soul expression and to stop downplaying our light as we are the Universe in physical expression, so shine your light. Be bright. Much love to you all.


Here is my latest channelling from Mother Gaia, calling on all the women of the world to awaken and remember just how beautiful they are. 

To restore peace on our planet it is our duty as awakened human beings to empower the women of our world to bring back equality in every way and set women free from dogma and the imprisonment of societal, religious, cultural and ancestral rules, laws and beliefs that have trapped them from expressing their true selves.

It has triggered me to create a new series of workshops for women to show them who they are beyond their human identity. We will be working with the empowered goddesses and Mother Gaia and going on a powerful journey together to empower women. These will be scheduled from September onwards. I am very excited about creating these new transmissions and can't wait to begin the journey.

We are ascending as a planet and this issue cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore. Everything is coming up to be looked at and cleared... freeing women and protecting children is a HUGE part of it. As we evolve and move to 5D ... men and women are one...all are equal and peace, love and harmony will be our natural state.

Nikola Tesla - Awaken To Your Truth

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors of his time. He was so ahead of his time, so incredibly awakened, having gained such amazing knowledge about light, energy, and frequency.

He dedicated his entire life to creation and never married. His passion was to invent. Tesla’s inventions are still very much in use to this day. He designed the first AC Hydroelectric power plant at Niagra Falls. He was famous for the “Tesla Coil” which is still used in radio technology today.

He was obsessed with the wireless transmission of energy and he understood how to harness universal energy. Tesla had a great plan to build a global wireless communication system to be transmitted through a large electrical tower for sharing information, and providing free electricity throughout the world.

He stated that “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”. He always said to create … be alone, that is when ideas are born”. I totally agree!

Tesla was about to reveal his new technology to help humanity access free energy and free electricity so that we wouldn't remain trapped in the system. He had developed technology that could harness this energy for our evolution but he was seen as a threat by those who wanted control over the people and so he was removed and poisoned. Well ... he is back, and working from a higher dimensional vibration and he has much work and knowledge to bring through to help with our Ascension Process.