A Beautiful Channelled Message from Sai Baba - By Neelam Minocha

As a child growing up I was never into religion... There were too many rules.. do's and don'ts... I never liked being told what to do, or how i should do them.

I felt religion was full of man-made rules that created fear.. 'You must do this' 'you can't do that' No..No...No that is not how you follow'
My gut would churn at all these rules that created guilt if i didn't follow and be judged if i didn't listen. I believed that all i needed to remember was to be a good human being and treat others as i wanted to be treated myself.

I shy'd away from temples and religious events as my temple was in the silence of my mind and the love in my heart.
I felt religion created separation, ego battles and power struggles.. I watched it going on in front of my eyes. The very pure messages from the divine were very often lost in translation.

Ascended Masters once lived on our planet.. Enlightened Beings who had experienced all the emotions, learnt their life lessons and transcended to a higher vibration. 
They do not judge or wish to create separation but just want love and peace for all.

I communicate with all of them as for me i do not wish to be labelled as just a 'Hindu'. I communicate with Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Lord Ganesh, Guru Nanak, The Arch Angels and many other Higher Beings. I am neutral to them all and look to the beautiful wisdom that comes through their messages. Over the coming weeks i will channel through the purity and simplicity of their messages to share with you as this is what they have asked me to do.

On this occasion it was Sai Baba (an Ascended Master) who wanted to communicate with me.

A very beautiful, precious and pure message from Sai Baba. You will feel his love as he speaks through me and the peace in his words. His energy flows through full of unconditional love.