Divine Union - Merging into Oneness

DIVINE UNION - Merging into Oneness... One Connection... One Vibration... One Love 💖 - Jesus and Mary Magdalene

It was over Christmas that I felt the presence of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in my space. I connected with them and they wanted me to channel something on Divine Union. When Rob and I channelled this... what came through was just so very beautiful and pure.

The energy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene's unconditional love for one another and for all of humanity vibrates through this meditation.

Close your eyes, listen and feel their love in every cell of your being....

A new awakening is taking place on our planet. As we ascend towards the 5th Dimension... we will remember our ancient truths. The divine creation of masculine and feminine energies ... of Equality.

Religion, society has created imbalance and dogma in this sacred connection. Divine Union is the sacred marriage of of dualities, the sacred dance of creation. We are remembering our divine connection to each other, to oneness and to the divine creator.. the Supreme Being who watches over us and loves us unconditionally.

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merging into Divine Union... The Ultimate Connection, our connection to the light, our connection with Source, our connection with unconditional love.  

When our energies merge into Divine Union, we become the ultimate connection... we become love, and there is no more separation, only unity.  

Channelled by Neelam Minocha and Rob Boakye in service to humanity, peace, love and unity.