Here is my latest channelling from Mother Gaia, calling on all the women of the world to awaken and remember just how beautiful they are. 

To restore peace on our planet it is our duty as awakened human beings to empower the women of our world to bring back equality in every way and set women free from dogma and the imprisonment of societal, religious, cultural and ancestral rules, laws and beliefs that have trapped them from expressing their true selves.

It has triggered me to create a new series of workshops for women to show them who they are beyond their human identity. We will be working with the empowered goddesses and Mother Gaia and going on a powerful journey together to empower women. These will be scheduled from September onwards. I am very excited about creating these new transmissions and can't wait to begin the journey.

We are ascending as a planet and this issue cannot be brushed under the carpet anymore. Everything is coming up to be looked at and cleared... freeing women and protecting children is a HUGE part of it. As we evolve and move to 5D ... men and women are one...all are equal and peace, love and harmony will be our natural state.